the usagi incidents


XXXHolic 3

Summary: Kimihiro Watanuki is haunted by spirits–and the only way to escape his curse is to become the indentured servant of the mysterious witch, Yuuko Ichihara. But when his beloved, beautiful Himawari-chan, asks him for a favor, he and his eternal rival, the exorcist Doumeki, must go on a spirit-busting adventure without Yuuko there to save them! Meanwhile Yuuko gives a young woman a precious cylindrical box from her treasure room. There’s just one caveat: She must never open it. Inside is a magical device with a terrifying reputation! Can Kimihiro save an ambitious young lady from her own overconfidence?

Review: I really liked this story of overconfidence kills. I myself don't exactly have the best self esteem physically, but mentally I think I do pretty well. However, I don't overestimate. Overestimation leads to lies about oneself, or about another, and it can really hurt. That's what I think CLAMP was trying to say with this episode here.


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