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XXXHolic 4

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Summary: It’s Valentine’s Day–and while Doumeki is showered with chocolates and cards from girls, Watanuki receives none. To make matters worse, he must also do the usual chores for Yuuko, which includes making chocolate cake for her and Mokona, as well as the treats his boss wants to give away as gifts. But when Watanuki discovers he has a shy and secret admirer who is not quite human, he finds that chocolates can be more than just sweets. Then, after seeing identical twin sisters pass by in the street, Yuuko makes a curious remark: that there are chains that only humans can use to bind others. Watanuki meets the sisters and senses that the relationship between them is not what it seems. . . .

Review: WTF is with these sisters? I still have no clue wtf Yuuko was talking about there. Chains that only bind humans... I'm guessing that if I reread it, I'll see something I missed. ~__~ The thing that stole Doumeki's soul though was pretty cute. She didn't mean to, honest!


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