the usagi incidents


Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend) 1

Summary: Riiko has just received her most rejection, this time from a long-term crush! The devastated girl then decided to take the plunge by visiting a 'top-secret' website via a link provided by a wacko salesman. And guess what? The website was advertising made-to-order lovers! Absurd, you think? Riiko thought so too... and this resulted in a crazy, unbelievable aftermath! Her life changes as soon as she unwraps her purchase... Will she still be able to tell what's real?

Review: After reading the first translated chapter in Shoujo Beat (Viz has done surprisingly good translations on their titles for the new magazine so far), I wanted more. Luckily I managed to scratch some stuff up, and here we are. Nice gimmick she has going here, most definitely. Some have called this "a Chobits for girls", and I can kind of see the similarities as both Chii and Night are sexbots. But still, very enjoyable, and nice for summer reading - light, funny, and easy on the reading palate.

2 3 4 5 6 (final)


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