the usagi incidents


Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend) 2

Summary: Upon the expiry of Night's 3 day trial period, Riiko was shot with the startling truth of not being ablt to return Night, so she was forced to purchase him! And what an extravagant fee she would have to fork out! Eventually Gaku decided to be generous, and agreed to a deduction, but only if they abide by his condition...that Riiko collects essential information on the emotional makeup of women, for the purpose of improving the current model and developing the future Nightly Lover series. Night's wanting to go to school causes a madhouse when the girls start falling all over him, with some forming a fanclub in his honour! Even Mika wants a slice of him... how far will she go, in order to make Night hers?

Review: @__@ A lot goes down in this volume. Crazy Shifty Mika Hobbitses! Crazy Shifty Crazy Fanclub Hobbitses~! Nice offer though, by Salesman guy. I bet Night's been collecting some GOOD info! I wish they'd let us see it.


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