the usagi incidents


Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend) 3

Summary: A kiss from a customer sends Night's function reverting back to a frenzied default! If something "more fanciful" than a kiss were to take place, Night will automatically become that person's Nightly Lover! Riiko has to do all she can to get Night back before something of that scale happens, as she might risk losing Night forever. Riiko risks her life, and she does so literally, by climbing onto a balcony and trying to 'spiderwoman' across to the ledge, only to slip and fall out of safety's reach. Will Night be able to refocus and go to Riiko's rescue...?

Review: So much went on in this volume. @___@ Stupid Riiko's father! They should have had sex in that hotel! DAMMIT! D:<


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