the usagi incidents


Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend) 4

Summary: Meet Night's new love rival! Night manages to book a hotel room (for real!) for Riiko, and they are about to spend a lovey dovey night together when Riiko meets a dashing guy with the same name as her childhood crush, Toshiki. Nevertheless, Riiko decides that childhood crushes are all in the past... but Toshiki apparently doesn't think so. He sweeps Riiko off her feet with a sudden kiss, and insists on meeting her for 'a talk'. Innocent Riiko is fooled by his seeming sincerity, only to fall into a devious trap! The next day, Soshi shows her a recent photo of the real Toshiki- who looks nothing like the newcomer! What on earth is going on...?

Review: Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Why can't Riiko and Night just be happy together?!?!?!? a;dsjfalksdjfasl;dfja;sidfoa'sidhfj;askdfj


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