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Honey and Clover 8

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Summary: It's been four months since Ayumi moved in with Hagu and Shuu's been away on his research trip. Everyone is struggling to get along without feeling sad, and Hagu faces her first night utterly alone in her life without anyone to care for her.

Review: It still makes me wonder if Hagu really is 18 - because she really does seem like a child - mentally and physically. I felt sad for her - and glad that Takemoto came over to play. Somehow this series just doesn't stop reaching inside of you, keeps going in further and further into your heart. Perhaps that's why it's so magnificent.

Honey and Clover 7

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Summary: When Shuu is asked by his former sensei to write a book with him that involves travelling around Asia for a year, he reflects on the time he's spent with Hagu, and what's happened since.

Review: The insert song in this episode, Spitz's "Tamagawa", is definitely my favourite of all of the inserts so far - captured absolutely perfectly the mood and feeling of the episode...I can't wait until the official soundtrack comes out. Poor Hagu - she couldn't find the four-leaf clover, but she tried so hard. :( It was also nice to see Mayama taking some initiative with Rika, too.

Honey and Clover 6

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Summary: While at the zoo, taking a break from the final senior thesis deadline, Mayama and Shuu talk about Rika, her husband, and all of their relationships. After listening to his story and later at the graduation thesis party, Mayama realizes that the relationship that Shuu, Rika, and her husband had together, "as parts of one body", he also has with Ayumi.

Review: This episode really got to me - especially as describing a relationship as "something more than just simple friends or lovers - they were like apart of my body. We breathed the same air, ate the same food, slept in the same bed...". Just amazing. This might be my favourite episode so far.


Gokujou Seitokai 12

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Summary: Every third Sunday of the month, Kanade gets called back to the Jinguuji household for meetings. Nanaho always accompanies her. On this particular trip, the basis of their relationship is revealed as Nanaho talks with her fourth older brother about the past. Upon returning, Nanaho and Kanade find that the dorm is almost completely destroyed - by the new transfer student?

Review: YAY. MORE CHARACTER AND RELATIONSHIP DEVELOPMENT WITH SOMEONE OTHER THAN RINO. I really do love these more exploratory episodes, rather than just constant slapstick comedy. As we're entering into the second arc, I think we're going to be finding out more about the Jinguuji and Nanaho's family histories, since there was talk of them having "powers" and protectors between You-nii and Nanaho. I'm quite interested to find out what this all means in terms of Kanade's relationship to Rino and her mother, as well as that blasted new crazy transfer student. YEY.


Maria-sama ga Miteru 4

Summary: It is time for the annual election in Lillian to choose yamayurikai for next year. Other than the three Rosa en boutons, there is a suprise candidate for this year election; Rosa Canina, a talented singer in Lillian Jougakuen. Also in this edition, the New Year's story with Sachiko and Yumi and Sachiko's family.

Review: Same as the drama, anime, and novels. Gorgeous artwork here - then again, I've become spoiled and I don't expect any less from this artist. :) The story was very faithful to the original, so no complaints there. I really liked how they included the New Year's story - Sachiko's cousin hanging all over Yuki = LOVE. XD

Gokujou Seitokai 11

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Summary: The annual futsal summer tournament is coming up, but oh noes the entire school team has fallen mysteriously ill! The foe and rival is believed to be Kenran High, Kanade's ultimate rival. This futsal match will determine who the queen of Miyagami town is, once and for all!

Review: Poor Cindy. She was afraid of the ball. :( I do have to say though, her random yet correct use of engrish is getting funnier each episode.

Gokujou Seitokai 10

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Summary: It's that time of year again - the schoolwide Pool Practice! To avoid another awful summer like the one last year, the Seitokai put plans into action to stop the crazy girls in the school from attacking, and the crazy boys outside of the school from ogling the students - with hilarious results.

Review: God, those swimsuits that Kanade chose were ugly. But I totally loled at the crazy girls inside of the school taking flasks of pool water that Kanade had swum in. XD

Zwei - Dragon

Zwei's fourth single is supposed to be heralding a new period in Zwei's development - going more or less "officially" mainstream. A new homepage was set up, a bit of a makeover done to the lyrics and music behind the songs, new producers, the like. Promotion was launched full-scale; if one goes to the Tower Shibuya, you can see a huge promotional foam-backed poster for this single.

As for the single itself, the actual A-side took a few listens to get used to as the style is a bit different than from Zwei fans are used to - a little more synth, a little less rock, and classical elements (a really beautiful violin track was added for backing) - however, it doesn't take away from the song itself. The video was the best they've done so far after Pretty Queen - lots of imagery and symbollism I'm still trying to figure out. The b-side, however, was a bit boring and harkened back to Ayumu's days in Cherry Feel more than anything else. In other words (before the fangirls/boys/etc attack me) - it felt a bit stunted in growth, like she was going backwards. I could have done without the b-side.

This new single, new look rocks, though I do have to say my favourite single is still Hikari.

Final Review: A

Favourite track(s) off of this single:

Zwei - Hikari (third single)

Amano Tsukiko - Koe

The last two singles from Amano Tsukiko disappointed me, since they were just straight old ballads. I know all vocalists have slumps sometimes, but I was just kind of disappointed since I really love her voice.

However, Koe is a ballad but has a bit of a punch to it just like "Tsurugi" from "Tenryuu". I can't get enough of this song. This has been on repeat now for a few hours now. The other day it was being promoted heavily in Shibuya, though I didn't get to get any of the goods since I was at NHK studios for a large chunk of the day (more on that later).

Her voice hits all the right points, and chills go up one's spine. Next live she has, I'm totally going, as I've never even been able to hear/see/experience the wonder that is Amano's voice live.

Gokujou Seitokai 9

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Review: One of the Seitokai assault members' past comes back to haunt her as a relative and old childhood friend comes to challenge her for revenge for her father...

Review: VERY good episode. I like how they're finally expanding more of the other Seitokai members' personal histories and relationships. It's about time that the focus got off of Rino, even though she's awesome.

Gokujou Seitokai 8

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Summary: Midterms are coming up, and it's up to the Seitokai to set an example for the rest of the students. Therefore, the Vice-Presidents set an ultimatium for the Seitokai members - if you fail the midterm, you're out of the Seitokai. Rino, Cindy, and Rein have been consistantly getting really bad marks - what will they do? Will they stay or will they go?

Review: Heh. Pucchan doing all of Rino's work made me lol like there's no tomorrow. Still, a very sad episode, since Rino was re-experiencing all of her issues with abandonment, her mother's death, and aloneness. At least she just barely passed. :D



Review: Shinjurou has a very rare job - he's an embalmber of the dead, one of the few left in the entire world. Here are a collection of shorts (so far, spanning 3 volumes) of his (mis)adventures with his girlfriend Azuki and the various people and corpses he encounters along the way.

Review: I'm really cranky that once Mitsukazu Miharu goes to the states (apparently she'll be at Otakon this year), I'm in Japan. -__-; Anyway, her work, as usual, is fabulous. She knows just how to mix the grotesque, the emotional, and the funny all into one package that rarely offends and is absolutely unforgettable. I managed to find this gem at book-off in Kichijouji a few weeks ago - quite a feat considering it's getting harder and harder to find her work in bookstores. This is her most recent series, and it still feels like some of the rest. I still standby my opinion that HAPPY FAMILY was the best series she did so far. ;/

Final Review: B+

Anthology: Yurihime Issue 1 - Summer 2005 (debut issue)

Summary: From the creators of Zerosum magazine/comic inprint comes a new ALL yuri/shoujo-ai quarterly publication, Yurihime. Boasting illustrators like Loveless' Yun Kouga, Maria-sama ga Miteru's Hibiki Reine, as well as CHI-RAN and other artists, Ichijinsha includes serialized comics, novels, and even articles tightly packed into this first issue.

Review: Finally, a yuri/shoujo-ai magazine taken up by a major publisher! And it didn't disappoint. What came with it was a GORGEOUS pull out poster, a new original from Yun Kouga's Loveless series - the female zero couple, Kouya and Yamato as children. Also, at least three different novels started serialization in this issue, as well as many one-shot and serialized manga. I'm still reading everything in there, so expect further reviews at a later date. Also, VERY interesting article about shoujo-ai themes in recent anime (Gokujou Seitokai, Loveless, Maria-sama ga Miteru, others) and even mentions of Yuricon. This first issue is a bit pricey at 880y a copy, but it was well worth it. If you like Loveless, yuri/shoujo-ai, or just pretty girl stories in general, this is the magazine for you. I can only hope that Yun Kouga starts a mini-series spin off with Kouya and Yamato (they were hinting at that in the articles with her) in the future. Next issue is released October 10th - and I can't wait!

Gokujou Seitokai 7

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Summary: Miss Accountant starts to act suspiciously, so the rest of the Seitokai get involved..only to find out she's gotten romantically involved with a known playboy! In order to save her from herself, the two Vice-Presidents and the rest of the Seitokai act in order not to disturb Miyami or the President's feelings...

Review: There were some interesting questions raised here, at least in my mind, about the line between private matters and those of the Seitokai as school/business. I mean obviously, they all are friends, but it seemed to me that acting "officially" as the Seitokai in one unit seemed to have crossed the line a bit.

Tokyo Jihen - Dynamite In!

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Summary: The guy runs Tokyo Incidents blog has an incredible summary of the whole DVD here - far more detailed than what I could give you. ;/

Review: I rented this myself because, like above said guy, I was/is ambivilent about paying for a DVD with only a few tracks and that much playing around by the band. It was incredibly fun to watch, and my face at the end ached from smiling. HOWEVER, Dynamite Out! Comes out next month, and has all of the stuff on Dynamite In! and the rest of the tour stuff on it. So again, it's a tossup. The DVD itself is incredibly inexpensive at 1990y list price, many places have it for cheaper by now, but then again, Dynamite Out! Will have anything. alsdkjfsdaf. Decisions, decisions.

"Toumei Ningen" has definitely become a favourite, and the "Koi no Urikomi" cover was pretty good. TJ has been dragging their asses in terms of the time lag between announcing it as the next single in January, and not putting anything out but these DVDs. The departure of HZM (keyboards) and Hirama Mikio (2nd guitar) might have something to do with this. It really is a loss to Jihen - Ringo put together some of the most amazing artists along with her wonderful self and made some orgastic tunes. Hirama is a fucking fabulous guitarist, and if he were to go solo, I'd totally support him all the way.

Until then, we have memories of TJ that have been faithfully recorded in this DVD. Great job, guys. A+ all the way.

Final Review: A+

Tokyo Jihen - Shuraba (PV)
Tokyo Jihen - Shuraba (single)
Tokyo Jihen - Kyouiku (first album)


Annoucementses, other shit

'Sup guys. After being pretty much raped by the summer courses' workload here at ICU, I've had to make some tough decisions on what to keep watching and what to drop. I already have a backlog on Gokujou and Hachikuro to catch up with, but here's what I've come up with:

Sugar Sugar Rune: I love the manga, so I'm going to keep watching the show.
Petopetosan: Really interesting societal commentary, whether you guys are aware of it or not.
Kamichu!: Despite the Ghibli feel, I just can't explain why I love this show so much. It's got everything that appeals to me, I guess. I love it.
Gokujou Seitokai: LOLs and lesbianism. Despite my backlog. -__-
Hachikuro - It's Hachikuro, guys. Do I need a reason? ;p

Ichigo Mashimaro: After rewatching the first episode, I just can't take the freaking loli/moe any longer, depsite my great liking for Nobue.
Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo! - BORING. Lost my love for it by the second episode.
Nanami-chan Season 2 - No cable to watch in the dorms, no raw distros online. Going to be put on hold until I can get access to watching. ;/

All the ones you see currently will be continued, when I get time to finish them all.

Mostly by chapter.
Death Note - losing interest and since it's out weekly, I never get the time to read it.
Tsubasa - As much as I adore Tsubasa, same thing. This dragonfly race arc is boring the shit out of me.
Evangelion: Ikari Shinji etc - very limited distro, hard to find online or in stores. Gonna have to wait this one out.

I used to be able to keep up with at least five shows per season (not including carry-overs), but I've noticed recently that only a few really good shows/plots have grabbed my attention. For Spring it was Loveless, Hachikuro, and Gokujou Seitokai. Tsubasa initially grabbed my interest since I love the manga, but Bee Train didn't do as good a job as I'd hoped so I dropped it. Now for summer, I'm into Sugar Sugar Rune, Kamichu!, and Petopetosan.

3 shows per season, not including carry-overs, on average. This should say something about the state of creativity in Japan right now. :/

However, I am excitedly awaiting the Tsubasa, XXXHolic, and Nana movies, as well as Paradise Kiss set for TV release this fall. Let's hope things get better.

Nanami-chan Season 1

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Summary: (animenewsnetwork) Miki and her family have just moved into the Happiness House, a huge tree with all sorts of little buildings and houses built on and inside of it. Upon exploring what is to be her new bedroom, Miki finds an odd nut-like object. Before long, a strange creature, Nanami-chan, hatches out of it. The two become fast friends. Together, Miki and Nanami-chan learn all kind of new things, and everyday they meet another eccentric resident of the Happiness House.

Review: Originally Nanami-chan was created as a mascot to replace (my beloved) Domo-kun for the 15th year anniversary of founding the public network. Then they made the anime. Nanami-chan, like Jagainukun, is a wonderful romp through childhood all over again. You laugh and cry with Micchan and Nanami's blunders and triumphs, and weep when you realize there's only 12 episodes to the first season - which ended late last summer.

Due to popular demand, NHK started to produce a second season (which no subbers or even raw providers have picked up) and are now up to episode 20-something. As it's being exclusively shown on NHK's cable channel, BS, and we don't get cable here in the ICU dorms, I can't watch or comment on the second season for now but once I move in three weeks to my permanent residence for the year, you can bet I'll be watching each week.



Sugar Sugar Rune 4

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Summary: Chocola and Vanilla clean the house in a contest to win whatever Robin brings back from the Magic World for them. Vanilla wins - and it's the tsuhan catalog for every witch's needs! Chocola has enough eckles to buy Truth-Telling Lip Gloss - which makes everyone speak their true feelings once it's applied! Which, of course, wreaks havoc on the school production of Romeo and Juliet when the Iinchou reveals that she has a pink heart for Romeo...

Review: LOL. They changed it from the manga a little - that book was originally supposed to be Chocola's Mom's if I recall correctly. It does lose a little magic (no pun intended) and mystery into why Chocola's Mom lost to Vanilla's Mom for queen, but still. Good episode.

Head Phones President - WhitError

HPP are back for the first time in almost a year with their fourth single in extremely limited release, WhitError.

Again, Anza and her gang have outdone themselves with some of the most emotional, heart-striking songs that I've ever heard in my entire life -- even comparable to Trent Reznor in angst (and yeah, that's a lot of angst!). Everytime I listen to this single, I cry because it feels like Anza knows what's inside of my head, as crazy as that sounds. Or perhaps we just had the same experiences, I don't know. Or maybe, a shared experience culturally?

If you're a fan of hard rock and screaming chicks, you may want to try HPP. They'll definitely change your mind about the worldwide indies music scene forever afterward.

Final Review: A

Favourite song(s) off of the single:

Head Phones President - Vacancy

Refuse and Resist 1

July 22, 2005
Kichijouji Crescendo, Kichijouji, Musashinoshi, Tokyo

I had decided to go to this live at the last minute - the door price was incredibly cheap (2200 with a drink included), HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT do not do lives that often, I was free, and I wanted to check out daTURA too.

I totally did not regret going.

ANTeNNA was shockingly good, as was daTURA, but of course, Anza and her band, HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT took the cake in terms of performance.

They performed a 30 minute set straight - no breaks, no water, and one could hardly tell where one song ended and another began. They played all of the new songs off of their latest single released in June, "WhitError", "I will stay", and a few others I can't remember. Anza is either an amazing performance artist, or she's definitely got a mental diagnosis. I left feeling scraped raw from inside out, feeling what she wanted me to feel, and being glad for it.

I cried on the train home. Yes. It was that intense.

HPP have another live coming up soon - I may just rally the gang and go again. ;)


Refuse and Resist 1 (Head Phones President, ANTeNNA, daTURA, Bonkin' Clapper, CODE-NAME, UNSLOW) - Kichijouji Creschendo, July 22 2005
Fuji TV Odaiba Bouken - Rising Dragon Gate 2005 Natsu de BANG! (Zwei, Nakanomori BAND, Kawabe Chieco, Aoi Sora, Oikawa Nao, Harenchi Punch!, The Pink Panda, Suzuki Ami) - Odaiba Studio Dream Weaver, August 1 2005

US Premiere: Shimotsuma Monogatari (Kamikaze Girls) - Los Angeles Film Festival 2005, Hollywood Lammle Sunset 5 Theatre
US Premiere: Howl's Moving Castle Dub - June 20, 2005, Disney's El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood
Nana Roadshow - September 3, 2005, Shibuya Cinetower, Tokyo

Ghibli Museum, Mitaka, Tokyo (Summer 2005 Heidi Exhibit)
Honey and Clover Cafe Summer 2005 speciality exhibit, Tokyo DECKS Islandside, Odaiba
NHK Shibuya Studios

Nana movie roadshow - September 2005 (?)

Petopetosan 3

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Summary: Now that class president Kiyomi has been revealed to be a retoretosan, the other iinkai members turn on her viciously! Also, due to poverty and lack of food, Petoko notices that she's starting to turn transparent like her mother - who says unfortunately, it's inevitable but she'll never disappear entirely and can be staved off by good nutrition and lots of food. Dismayed at this turn of events, Sahara, Nuri, Konuri, and Shingo collect money for Petoko so she can continue to eat and not disappear...

Review: I'm really surprised how much meaning and underlying issues they manage to pack into each episode. Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but Petoko = disappearing when not eating/getting poorer = creators' views on the poor that do exist in Japan (i.e., we pretend not to see them, so in society they "disappear")? I'm going to have to digest this episode until later this week. ;)

Petopetosan 2

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Summary: More bitching between the Seitokai and the kids in class about the "Special Race" aka Monsters that are students in the school only to find out that one of the most fierce proponents of getting rid of the "special race" kids is actually a retoretosan - a ghost that licks things clean!

Review: Hilarious points they made here, but still very serious business. I find that people who usually support getting rid of people or things the most are usually that person/thing themselves. I really like how this series is turning out so far - good lessons about sabetsu packaged so tightly and flawlessly it's fun to watch.


Evangelion: Iron Maiden 2nd 4

Summary: Kensuke admits his feelings for Asuka, Kaji questions Commander Ikari about Kaoru's appearance 20 years after attending Yui and Gendo's middle school and Second Impact - but no one, not even Yui, seems to remember him! Rei tells Asuka she told Shinji of her feelings. Kensuke, late for the Sortie to the next Angel battle, gets the shit kicked out of him gets his Eva (yongouki - model 4) stolen by Kaoru. Meanwhile, in battle, Touji, Rei, and Shinji are facing off with the Angel - driving Shinji to ask himself - what is he fighting for, and for whose sake?

Review: More of Kaoru's nature revealed! OMG. And Adam eating Shinji - total mindfuck from the original series. @__@ Nearly turned me into a babbling idiot. I totally have to go run out and buy the fifth volume, which came out last week. What was up with that flash-forward in time - where even Shinji couldn't remember Kaoru's name or identity when looking at that picture? And Rei with long hair was just... whoa.

Petopetosan 1

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Summary: Matthew has already done an amazing summary of Petopeto 1, so I'm going to leave it to him to explain the first ep. :)

Review: Wow. I didn't think I would like this, since it's got kinda moe undertones (I'm definitely not one for moe), but I LOVE Sahara the Kappa Girl. She's awesome. This series seems very refreshing in regards to bringing attention to children about societal sabetsu (discrimination) against minorities through anime, so I'll definitely be following it. I'm also really into folklore and fairytales and mythical beasts, so this also aroused my interest.

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Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend) 6 (final)

Summary: The end of the series. Night could never be a real boy after all - just Riiko's perfect boyfriend.

Review: I actually cried, okay? Maybe I just suck that way. ;/ But the fact that he's in animated sleep maybe signals that there'll be a sequel? Hopefully. I felt so awful for Night. Stupid Kronos Heaven for starting all of this back in book 3. aslk;df >_>

Final Review: B

Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend) 5

Summary: Kronos Heaven has replaced Riiko's boyfriend with a miniature 'Night' while Night's gone away for repairs! Riiko has to loan mini Night to Satori after Satori catches sight of him in the lab one night, having a mini tiff with Soshi! Things can only get worse when Riiko is informed about Night's (yep, the fully grown Night) damages... and that he is beyond repair. In order to prevent Night from being converted into scrap metal, Riiko decides to make a clean break with Night... only to have him running back to her! Kronos Heaven sends out a bunch of models from other series, in order to reclaim Night. Get your act together, Night!

Review: After this, one more volume left. Oh jeez. It gets worse by the minute. It still makes me wonder - why is the defection of Night so dangerous to the company? Dammit. Robot/human woes, just like in Chobits. .__.

Kamichu! 3

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Summary: Oh noes! All of a sudden, everyone comes to Yurie with money woes. Yashima says it's because a binbougami, a poverty god, is on its way to the city bringing grave misfortune with him!

Review: The god and the cat. Oh wow. I've heard of coexistance before, but wow. Also, the Gods' Association with deliverymen and collectors? That's pretty awesome. I wish I was apart of that.

Kamichu! 2

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Summary: Ruh-roh, Raggy! The town's local God has left - abandoning Matsuri's family shrine and the rest of the town! It's up to Yurie to find him and convince him to come back. Meanwhile, Matsuri and Miko set up a Yurie Matsuri to introduce Yurie as their new town goddess?

Review: Another good episode. I like how they had the variety of gods - from the human-looking ones to the downright strange ones (the god with the head and hair only, the kappa). I also liked the God's vacation center. I wish I had a place like that to go to. ;/

Kamichu! 1

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Summary: Yurie has become a god overnight! In order to find out what kind of God she is, she tests her powers with friends, only to cause a huge typhoon that threatens to swallow her town whole!

Review: I can see why everyone says this is a Ghibli rip-off (riding the god into the typhoon, floating down with Kenji), but I genuinely enjoyed this first episode. It has a gawky elegance that Ghibli lacks (Ghibli itself being perfection), and it was nice seeing the human, jerky movements of the characters. A+, indeed.

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 (Broadcast End)

Sugar Sugar Rune 3

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Summary: Nervous Nishitani from the Newspaper club nervously asks Chocola for an interview - only to expose that he has an orange heart for her! Through all of the trials from not only ribbing from the club and Chocola's wiles, his heart turns to pink for her to take...

Review: Not straying much from the manga on this episode. Again, I'm quite pleased how things are going so far. Knowing me I'll end up buying the merchandise soon. .__. The voices are all perfect, too. Yaaay. :DDD


m-flo loves Yoshika and Emyli - Loop in my heart / m-flo loves Wada Akiko - HEY!!

Since LISA left, m-flo and I had a bit of a falling out. At first they worked with fabulous artists like Crystal Kay, and then went downhill and released crap for awhile.

It seems, indeed, m-flo is back.

I loved the Yoshika single, and the Emyli single, and now a new song with both that's so addicting and perfect for summer I can't stop listening to it. With a new album hovering on the horizon boasting collabs with Rie Fu, Yoshika, Emyli, Bennie K, Monday Michiru, LISA (strangely enough lol) and others.

This is the first time I've been excited for an m-flo release in three years.

HOWEVER. As much as I love this single, m-flo loves Wada Akiko should NEVER have happened. It's devil-spawn. The song is annoying as hell, and just loops for awhile. a;lskdfjas It made me want to die. -__-

Maria-sama ga Miteru Drama CD 4: Ibara no Mori

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Summary: Same as the novel and manga. When a book appears with the name "Suga Sei" about two girls at a Catholic school who fall in love and come to a tragic end gets into the hands of the Rosa Gigantea fanclub, everyone suspects that Satou Sei actually wrote it!

Review: Very difficult to listen to, as this is definitely my favourite arc so far. Fabulous acting again, on Sei and Shiori's parts. I actually cried at some parts. I'm lame like that, but seriously. Amazing work, guys.


Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo! 2

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Summary: Agnes gets together with friends to talk about her new housemate and Sayaka. Sayaka weedles her way into being invited for dinner, more ring-snatching ensues, precioussss.

Review: Okay, what happened? Now I want to drop this like it's very hot. :( The animation quality went down, and all the stereotypes finally set in. NO NO NO NO NO.

Maria-sama ga Miteru 3: Ibara no Mori

Summary: Same as the novel and drama. When a book appears with the name "Suga Sei" about two girls at a Catholic school who fall in love and come to a tragic end gets into the hands of the Rosa Gigantea fanclub, everyone suspects that Satou Sei actually wrote it!

Review: HOLY JESUS. Finally, some art to do justice to my favourite arc in the series so far. Nagasawa Satoru really outdid himself in this volume. The subtle hints and nuances of Sei and Shiori's relationship were so well done that they didn't even need to be explicitly talked about in the text. Hot damn. I'm still kind of floored after finishing this volume. @__@