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Amano Tsukiko - Koe

The last two singles from Amano Tsukiko disappointed me, since they were just straight old ballads. I know all vocalists have slumps sometimes, but I was just kind of disappointed since I really love her voice.

However, Koe is a ballad but has a bit of a punch to it just like "Tsurugi" from "Tenryuu". I can't get enough of this song. This has been on repeat now for a few hours now. The other day it was being promoted heavily in Shibuya, though I didn't get to get any of the goods since I was at NHK studios for a large chunk of the day (more on that later).

Her voice hits all the right points, and chills go up one's spine. Next live she has, I'm totally going, as I've never even been able to hear/see/experience the wonder that is Amano's voice live.


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