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Anthology: Yurihime Issue 1 - Summer 2005 (debut issue)

Summary: From the creators of Zerosum magazine/comic inprint comes a new ALL yuri/shoujo-ai quarterly publication, Yurihime. Boasting illustrators like Loveless' Yun Kouga, Maria-sama ga Miteru's Hibiki Reine, as well as CHI-RAN and other artists, Ichijinsha includes serialized comics, novels, and even articles tightly packed into this first issue.

Review: Finally, a yuri/shoujo-ai magazine taken up by a major publisher! And it didn't disappoint. What came with it was a GORGEOUS pull out poster, a new original from Yun Kouga's Loveless series - the female zero couple, Kouya and Yamato as children. Also, at least three different novels started serialization in this issue, as well as many one-shot and serialized manga. I'm still reading everything in there, so expect further reviews at a later date. Also, VERY interesting article about shoujo-ai themes in recent anime (Gokujou Seitokai, Loveless, Maria-sama ga Miteru, others) and even mentions of Yuricon. This first issue is a bit pricey at 880y a copy, but it was well worth it. If you like Loveless, yuri/shoujo-ai, or just pretty girl stories in general, this is the magazine for you. I can only hope that Yun Kouga starts a mini-series spin off with Kouya and Yamato (they were hinting at that in the articles with her) in the future. Next issue is released October 10th - and I can't wait!


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