the usagi incidents


Evangelion: Iron Girlfriend 2nd 2

Summary: All of the Children (Rei, Asuka, Touji, Kensuke, Kaoru, Shinji) start to have dreams about what Kaoru calls "The Giant of Light: Adam". Rei and Asuka fight over Shinji, advised by Kaoru that he won't take any side but Shinji's. At the same time, the kids are called to NERV headquarters to start tests for a mysterious project - when the Monster arrives and Shinji has to save Tokyo-3 and Rei from getting killed by it in the thing called the Humanoid Evangelion!

Review: I'm very pleased so far with this integration they've done. A+, Guys. I saw all four at Book-Off the other day - maybe I'll buy them if they're still there next time. It's awesome how they've included everyone, and made Kaoru pretty damn gay and suspicious about knowing about the Angels.


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