the usagi incidents


Evangelion: Iron Girlfriend 2nd 3

Summary: The group take a memorial picture for the sake of their friendship, and Asuka catches a cold. Meanwhile, Shinji nurses her back to health on the night of Kaoru's concert - and Rei calls him, kidnapping him to Yokohama and confessing her feelings. Kaoru and Rei fight over their love for Shinji versus Rei's "Personal perfect happiness". Also, after going through old school records, Kaji and Misato find Kaoru's records...from a 20-year-old school registry book, also containing the names of Yui and Gendo! Finally, Adam appears...

Review: Yaaaay Rei/Kaoru bitch fight. So what's up with this sudden "evolution" of Rei? And wtf - Kaoru, Yui, and Gendo at the same middle school? I demand answers.


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