the usagi incidents


Evangelion: Iron Maiden 2nd 4

Summary: Kensuke admits his feelings for Asuka, Kaji questions Commander Ikari about Kaoru's appearance 20 years after attending Yui and Gendo's middle school and Second Impact - but no one, not even Yui, seems to remember him! Rei tells Asuka she told Shinji of her feelings. Kensuke, late for the Sortie to the next Angel battle, gets the shit kicked out of him gets his Eva (yongouki - model 4) stolen by Kaoru. Meanwhile, in battle, Touji, Rei, and Shinji are facing off with the Angel - driving Shinji to ask himself - what is he fighting for, and for whose sake?

Review: More of Kaoru's nature revealed! OMG. And Adam eating Shinji - total mindfuck from the original series. @__@ Nearly turned me into a babbling idiot. I totally have to go run out and buy the fifth volume, which came out last week. What was up with that flash-forward in time - where even Shinji couldn't remember Kaoru's name or identity when looking at that picture? And Rei with long hair was just... whoa.


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