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Event: Ghibli Museum

As I'm now in Japan, and I live 20 minutes away from it, I got to finally visit the Ghibli Museum.

I can honestly tell you one thing - in quality, price, and sheer amusement, the Mitaka Ghibli Museum kicks Disneyland square in the ass.

For students and adults the price was 1000 yen, and with that came a collectible ticket with a filmstrip in it from one of the various Ghibli productions. I happened to get the flying scene from Porco Rosso, and friends got strips from Sen to Chihiro, Hotaru no Haka, Laputa, and others. This ticket admits everyone to a showing of a special, otherwise non-released Ghibli short. The day I went, they happened to be showing the supplement/sequel to Totoro, called Mei to Konekobus (or something like that). It was only about half an hour long, documenting Mei's encounter with a konekobus (a child nekobus) and his family (father was a train, grandmother was a plane), and her reunion with Big Totoro. Everyone was just amazed and enchanted - some children were scared senseless and started to scream when they saw all the little totoros in the Nekobuses (kind of distrubing looking - black faces with eyes and nothing else) went on screen. Otherwise, it was just wonderful.

Then we climbed to the roof garden, and found the big metal guy from Laputa just standing there. It was incredible.

The museum also had a huge tour for the "workroom" reproduction of Miyazaki's, where he worked, and also a walk-through of this year's special on Heidi, one of Miyazaki's first productions from 1973. So much time and effort was put into this, it was just amazing.

I can't even find words to express my joy at being able to go.

I will probably go again soon. :)


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