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FAKE? - Made With Air

As you may know, FAKE? is one of my favourite male vocal bands. Ken Lloyd's voice is amazing, and I love him to death. But FAKE? as a whole seem to keep hitting and missing with albums.

This is the case with their fourth album, MADE WITH AIR.

There are some songs on this album that just cut me to the core when listening (PULSE, HAD A GUN, BELLEZA, DREAM CATCHER), some that I enjoy muchly (NO REACTION, WHO FOLLOWS WHO) and others that made me want to rip out Ken's vocal cords (HATE IT, ALKALI, COLOUR DON'T CHANGE), and some the jury's still out on (TURNING EVERYBODY AWAY).

The good thing is, the hit-miss ration here is more in the awesome fucking songs direction (6 out of 11 with 1 still pending) - which is better than the last two albums previously released. I can honestly say that BREATHE IN (the first album) is still my first favourite from the boys, but this one is starting to become a close second.


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