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Head Phones President - WhitError

HPP are back for the first time in almost a year with their fourth single in extremely limited release, WhitError.

Again, Anza and her gang have outdone themselves with some of the most emotional, heart-striking songs that I've ever heard in my entire life -- even comparable to Trent Reznor in angst (and yeah, that's a lot of angst!). Everytime I listen to this single, I cry because it feels like Anza knows what's inside of my head, as crazy as that sounds. Or perhaps we just had the same experiences, I don't know. Or maybe, a shared experience culturally?

If you're a fan of hard rock and screaming chicks, you may want to try HPP. They'll definitely change your mind about the worldwide indies music scene forever afterward.

Final Review: A

Favourite song(s) off of the single:

Head Phones President - Vacancy


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