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Loveless 12 (final)

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Summary: Ritsuka is invited by Yuiko to play games at Yayoi's house. He notices something mysterious- a location and time for a net game that looks like the letters and numbers in the note he got from Sleepless. Without contacting Soubi Ritsuka concentrates on the game, and is suddenly overcome by drowsiness. A hand gently pats the sleeping Ritsuka's head. And as though ushered in by that hand, Ritsuka sees...

Review: Definitely deviating a bit from the manga there - then again, the manga is still in progress. I don't know what to make of this ending, to be quite honest. I really don't. I might have to rewatch this one a few times. I like how they alluded to the fact that "this is just the beginning". Interesting deviation there - that the Seimei that lives on in the game was following Soubi and Ritsuka with a cell jammer. That was pretty awesome. Otherwise, I'm mighty confused. We'll see if there'll be a second season.

Final Review: A+


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