the usagi incidents


m-flo loves Yoshika and Emyli - Loop in my heart / m-flo loves Wada Akiko - HEY!!

Since LISA left, m-flo and I had a bit of a falling out. At first they worked with fabulous artists like Crystal Kay, and then went downhill and released crap for awhile.

It seems, indeed, m-flo is back.

I loved the Yoshika single, and the Emyli single, and now a new song with both that's so addicting and perfect for summer I can't stop listening to it. With a new album hovering on the horizon boasting collabs with Rie Fu, Yoshika, Emyli, Bennie K, Monday Michiru, LISA (strangely enough lol) and others.

This is the first time I've been excited for an m-flo release in three years.

HOWEVER. As much as I love this single, m-flo loves Wada Akiko should NEVER have happened. It's devil-spawn. The song is annoying as hell, and just loops for awhile. a;lskdfjas It made me want to die. -__-


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