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Nanami-chan Season 1

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Summary: (animenewsnetwork) Miki and her family have just moved into the Happiness House, a huge tree with all sorts of little buildings and houses built on and inside of it. Upon exploring what is to be her new bedroom, Miki finds an odd nut-like object. Before long, a strange creature, Nanami-chan, hatches out of it. The two become fast friends. Together, Miki and Nanami-chan learn all kind of new things, and everyday they meet another eccentric resident of the Happiness House.

Review: Originally Nanami-chan was created as a mascot to replace (my beloved) Domo-kun for the 15th year anniversary of founding the public network. Then they made the anime. Nanami-chan, like Jagainukun, is a wonderful romp through childhood all over again. You laugh and cry with Micchan and Nanami's blunders and triumphs, and weep when you realize there's only 12 episodes to the first season - which ended late last summer.

Due to popular demand, NHK started to produce a second season (which no subbers or even raw providers have picked up) and are now up to episode 20-something. As it's being exclusively shown on NHK's cable channel, BS, and we don't get cable here in the ICU dorms, I can't watch or comment on the second season for now but once I move in three weeks to my permanent residence for the year, you can bet I'll be watching each week.



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