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Petopetosan 3

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Summary: Now that class president Kiyomi has been revealed to be a retoretosan, the other iinkai members turn on her viciously! Also, due to poverty and lack of food, Petoko notices that she's starting to turn transparent like her mother - who says unfortunately, it's inevitable but she'll never disappear entirely and can be staved off by good nutrition and lots of food. Dismayed at this turn of events, Sahara, Nuri, Konuri, and Shingo collect money for Petoko so she can continue to eat and not disappear...

Review: I'm really surprised how much meaning and underlying issues they manage to pack into each episode. Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but Petoko = disappearing when not eating/getting poorer = creators' views on the poor that do exist in Japan (i.e., we pretend not to see them, so in society they "disappear")? I'm going to have to digest this episode until later this week. ;)


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