the usagi incidents



Review: Shinjurou has a very rare job - he's an embalmber of the dead, one of the few left in the entire world. Here are a collection of shorts (so far, spanning 3 volumes) of his (mis)adventures with his girlfriend Azuki and the various people and corpses he encounters along the way.

Review: I'm really cranky that once Mitsukazu Miharu goes to the states (apparently she'll be at Otakon this year), I'm in Japan. -__-; Anyway, her work, as usual, is fabulous. She knows just how to mix the grotesque, the emotional, and the funny all into one package that rarely offends and is absolutely unforgettable. I managed to find this gem at book-off in Kichijouji a few weeks ago - quite a feat considering it's getting harder and harder to find her work in bookstores. This is her most recent series, and it still feels like some of the rest. I still standby my opinion that HAPPY FAMILY was the best series she did so far. ;/

Final Review: B+


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