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Sugar Sugar Rune 1

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Summary: (taken from BluWacky - she's a master at this) Chocolat Meilleure and Vanilla Myu, two candidates to become Queen of the demon kingdom, finally gain
their merchandise-tastic magic wands and head off to the human world to gather the hearts of unsuspecting humans - whoever gets the most gets to be Queen. After meeting with their mentor, the dashing rock star Rocky Robin, they begin their first day at school, where Vanilla is an immediate hit with the boys while Chocolat’s tough-talking attitude isn’t very popular. Chocolat’s attempts to intimidate the boys with magic goes awry when she fails to summon a hellhound and instead ends up with a puppy, but her day isn’t a total loss as she manages to retrieve a heart from a classmate, Akira Mikado - unfortunately, as he saw Chocolat and Vanilla fall to Earth, he’s immediately suspicious and steals the heart off Chocolat. In giving chase, the heart falls at the feet of the mysterious bishounen student council president (who is obviously some kind of warlock judging by the OP) that could steal Chocolat’s heart - but she can’t afford that, as she’s only got one heart to give away, and she still needs lots more to become Queen.

Review: Major Major Deviance from the manga! But at least the animation itself rocks - it really looks as if Anno drew it. I'm kind of disappointed that they dove right into the Pierre as Ogre storyline, but I'll be giving Anno's work a chance.

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