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Tokyo Jihen - Dynamite In!

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Summary: The guy runs Tokyo Incidents blog has an incredible summary of the whole DVD here - far more detailed than what I could give you. ;/

Review: I rented this myself because, like above said guy, I was/is ambivilent about paying for a DVD with only a few tracks and that much playing around by the band. It was incredibly fun to watch, and my face at the end ached from smiling. HOWEVER, Dynamite Out! Comes out next month, and has all of the stuff on Dynamite In! and the rest of the tour stuff on it. So again, it's a tossup. The DVD itself is incredibly inexpensive at 1990y list price, many places have it for cheaper by now, but then again, Dynamite Out! Will have anything. alsdkjfsdaf. Decisions, decisions.

"Toumei Ningen" has definitely become a favourite, and the "Koi no Urikomi" cover was pretty good. TJ has been dragging their asses in terms of the time lag between announcing it as the next single in January, and not putting anything out but these DVDs. The departure of HZM (keyboards) and Hirama Mikio (2nd guitar) might have something to do with this. It really is a loss to Jihen - Ringo put together some of the most amazing artists along with her wonderful self and made some orgastic tunes. Hirama is a fucking fabulous guitarist, and if he were to go solo, I'd totally support him all the way.

Until then, we have memories of TJ that have been faithfully recorded in this DVD. Great job, guys. A+ all the way.

Final Review: A+

Tokyo Jihen - Shuraba (PV)
Tokyo Jihen - Shuraba (single)
Tokyo Jihen - Kyouiku (first album)


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