the usagi incidents


Zettai Kareshi (Absolute Boyfriend) 5

Summary: Kronos Heaven has replaced Riiko's boyfriend with a miniature 'Night' while Night's gone away for repairs! Riiko has to loan mini Night to Satori after Satori catches sight of him in the lab one night, having a mini tiff with Soshi! Things can only get worse when Riiko is informed about Night's (yep, the fully grown Night) damages... and that he is beyond repair. In order to prevent Night from being converted into scrap metal, Riiko decides to make a clean break with Night... only to have him running back to her! Kronos Heaven sends out a bunch of models from other series, in order to reclaim Night. Get your act together, Night!

Review: After this, one more volume left. Oh jeez. It gets worse by the minute. It still makes me wonder - why is the defection of Night so dangerous to the company? Dammit. Robot/human woes, just like in Chobits. .__.


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