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Zwei - Dragon

Zwei's fourth single is supposed to be heralding a new period in Zwei's development - going more or less "officially" mainstream. A new homepage was set up, a bit of a makeover done to the lyrics and music behind the songs, new producers, the like. Promotion was launched full-scale; if one goes to the Tower Shibuya, you can see a huge promotional foam-backed poster for this single.

As for the single itself, the actual A-side took a few listens to get used to as the style is a bit different than from Zwei fans are used to - a little more synth, a little less rock, and classical elements (a really beautiful violin track was added for backing) - however, it doesn't take away from the song itself. The video was the best they've done so far after Pretty Queen - lots of imagery and symbollism I'm still trying to figure out. The b-side, however, was a bit boring and harkened back to Ayumu's days in Cherry Feel more than anything else. In other words (before the fangirls/boys/etc attack me) - it felt a bit stunted in growth, like she was going backwards. I could have done without the b-side.

This new single, new look rocks, though I do have to say my favourite single is still Hikari.

Final Review: A

Favourite track(s) off of this single:

Zwei - Hikari (third single)


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