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Densha Otoko 7

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Summary: (from Random Curiosity) Tsuyoshi (Yamada) is devastated by Saori’s words. Unfortunately, his state of shock is jarred when he and Misuzu run into Saori and Keisuke. Over dinner, Tsuyoshi learns that Saori’s birthday is coming up. He decides to renounce his otaku ways and packs away all the figures in his room. He then calls Saori, setting up a meeting on her birthday, but hangs up before she can really answer. On her birthday, he arrives at the meeting place and starts to wait. Kazuya, on the other hand, begins to think about taking Saori for himself and sets up an elaborate scheme to give her a ring. When he rushes Saori from her birthday party to his place, she spots Tsuyoshi waiting for her in the rain. She tells Kazuya to stop the car, then hurries over to Tsuyoshi. He tells her about how he going to stop his otaku ways. As he wishes her a happy birthday, Tsuyoshi collapses.

Review: It's nice to see another blogger picked up this series. ;) This episode was very emotional and sad, so it was a bit hard to follow even with subs. Random Curiosity saved my ass there. XD But in actual review news, Yamada getting screwed by Kazuya = NO. D: "Hermes is mine now"!. WHAT. Die, bastard. Oh well. Next episode looks interesting and the tables will be turned... >:D

Densha Otoko 8

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Summary: After much trepidation and worrying and consulting with both his otaku friends and the 2ch gang, Yamada finally reveals his true otaku self to Hermes.

Review: Best episode of the series so far. I love how Hermes rejected the other guy to go running to geeky Yamada. A+ would watch repeatedly.

Densha Otoko 6

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Summary: Yamada has to choose between this year's Comike (where he won special tickets to go see his idol, Mina) and his date with Hermes that happens the same day.

Review: Yamada. You. Idiot. Poor Hermes - you were so selfish! Think of her feelings! Men are so dumb. >_>

Densha Otoko 5

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Summary: Ruh-roh, Raggy! It looks like Hermes has got herself a stalker, and it's up to Yamada (and his 2ch gang) to find who it is before Hermes gets hurt!

Review: Oh wow, Yamada's so devoted to Hermes! It was really awesome how he went into danger's way to help her. And I think my favourite of the 2ch gang is the Train Conductor. He always cracks me up.

Densha Otoko 4

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Summary: Hermes meets up with an old friend from years ago, while Yamada realizes that he can't surf at all and puts every inch of his will into learning before his date with Hermes that weekend. However, his lie is exposed...

Review: BLARGH that guy that she was dating came onto the bbs. aslk;djf NOOOOOO. Be strong, Hermes! Also, go Yamada for having the courage to admit your lie!


Petopetosan 8

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Summary: The girls finally make it to the campsite - with Emo Shingo being all worried along the way. Everyone starts to have fun...only to have Petoko fly into Kato and get stuck to him! Chie gets sick, Sahara walks her home. Shingo is jealous/emo about Kato's situation...

Review: a;ksjdf Stupid Shingo. Petoko's mom's already given you the approval to go ahead and date her - GO FOR IT. D: Stupid kataomoi stories. a;lskdfjaskdfl;jasfkasf

Sugar Sugar Rune 9

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Summary: Akira's dog Hiroshi goes missing! Chocola, Vanilla, and the rest of the gang go searching for him. When all seems lost...Chocola learns the secret of the Green-coloured heart!

Review: Green = friendship. Hmmm. So in other words, deep platonic love? I don't remember this part from the manga - but it could be in the third volume which I haven't read yet. Chocola's becoming more human, heh.


Honey and Clover 19

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Summary: For reasons unstated, Mayama goes back to his previous company after his short reunion working with Rika. He goes with the people from his office, Shuu, Hagu, Takemoto, Morita, Ayumi - the whole gang - for picnicking and hanami since it's Sakura season. Takemoto says that when Morita came back, he was afraid that things that had started would end again (things - meaning Hagu?), but that was not the reality of it. Somehow his words hit Ayumi, and shortly after hears the office people ragging Mayama about Rika, has a screaming fight with Mayama and takes off with Nomiya just to anger him.

Review: Hoooooboy. Poor Ayumi. Mayama obviously cares about her, and hassles Nomiya about her, yet is in love with Rika. Meanwhile, Ayumi carries that self-hatred of wanting he and Rika to break up. Having Takemoto's words and Nomiya's being there - lancing the boil, as you will - was a great foil to give more depth to Ayumi's internal issues about Mayama. I wish Mayama would quit dicking around and just decide over Ayumi and Rika, though. :/


Kamichu! 7

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Summary: The gang go to the beach, only to find a very very old beachhouse with many remaining memories...meanwhile, Yurie's God Service Crew appear to tell her she's been invited to a reception that's accepting her as a new goddess! And at the reception, she meets some very familiar gods from the house on the beach...

Review: The long-awaited swimsuit episode. I bet the moe freaks are screaming with joy, now that they get to see Yurie and company in swimsuits...Anyway. That was a really awesome episode. I've always wanted to do something like restore a place that's that old, and be able to reexperience it, have it come back to life. Wonderful episode!

Densha Otoko 3

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Summary: Yamada works up the courage to ask Hermes out on a date. When she says yes, he freaks out and tries to change his look with the help of his 4ch friends and horrible sister.

Review: You can see a little foreshadowing here concerning Yamada's relationship with Hermes, if you've seen up until this past week's aired episode ;). Hermes really is an awesome woman, she's been through a lot emotionally, and is still kind enough to help people and really connect with them her without fear.

Densha Otoko 2

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Summary: After much deliberating and consultation from his 4ch buddies, Yamada finally works up the courage to call Hermes back to thank her for the cups. However, all things go wrong when his phone runs out of batteries and a two-day long phone tag between Hermes and Yamada ensues...

Review: He can never catch a break, can he? -__-; As Satou Eriko's character says, "Otaku (men) bring out the maternal instinct in some women". I can certainly see that happening, since he's been mistreated by everyone, even his own family. It seems like only his otaku friends, the 4ch people, and Hermes is treating him with even a little kindness.

Densha Otoko 1

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Summary: Meet Yamada, your average Akihabarachan Otaku. He gets stepped on in life quite frequently, but it's all good if he can have his anime goods. One night going back on the Chuo-Sobusen his life changes forever, by the actions of a single awful drunk and his own bravery, he comes to know a woman later known as Hermes...

Review: The manga was awful. I read all of it that's come out so far. However, the drama is charming and they picked everyone perfectly (though I would have preferred Nakatani Miki as Hermes like she was in the movie). I've been watching it on TV here, though I came in at the 7th episode, so now i'm rewatching with the fansubs. Poor Yamada. :(

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Mou Ikkai! Densha Otoko


Sugar Sugar Rune 8

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Summary: Despite the loud and squawking objections of the Members, Vanilla and Chocola are invited by Pierre to his summer getaway. Chocola decides that this is the best time to take his heart - but is mercilessly bullied by the Members when asking Pierre to play with her in the water. The answer? The uranai book, of course! Telling her that she needs to transform to win his heart, she orders from the tsuhan magic mules that make her grow ten years older! But will Pierre really know it's her?

Review: One word for this episode:


Chocola in the future is going to be a knockout. However, her heart keeps showing up around Pierre - this isn't looking good. :( At least they finally incorporated that part of the manga into the anime.


Petopetosan 7

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Summary: The girls enjoy their continuing fame from the Little Sister contest - by going to Ginza and selling goods! Meanwhile, only two of the boys go, and Shingo is forced to stay at home and help set up their camping trip...

Review: Oh god, I felt so bad for Konurichan. All of those nasty nasty salarymen pinching and squeezing her. ;_____; And what the fuck is up with Kana? She's so stuck up that I want to punch her in the face. >_>

Honey and Clover 18

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Summary: Morita is back! He appears with blonde hair on the Macademy Awards, winning for best CG creator!? Getting dragged offstage because of a firey speech made toward the creator Peter Lucas (a cross between Peter Jackson and George Lucas?) about BITCH, GIMME MY MONEY, he surprises everyone even more by ending up in the bed right next to Takemoto! Also, he finally turns in his graduation project, thus ending the run of the legendary 8th year college student...or is it really over? Takemoto takes a breath of fresh air, relishing his time with Hagu in their final year, when...

Review: Ahahaha. The Macademy Awards? Umino Chica is too brilliant. This was a wonderful episode. But Takemoto, would you PLEASE stop getting emo every five seconds over Hagu? Please? ;_;


Gokujou Seitokai 15

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Summary: Kuon-centered episode. We finally find out why she's at Miyagami Gakuen, and what she's being forced to do in secret.

Review: Good episode. Also, well written tension within the Covert squad group. Though now I'm dying to know what Kanade's Jinguuji ability is.

Gokujou Seitokai 14

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Summary: In order to fix the Seitokai dorms and get out of debt, Minamo comes up with a spectacular script and the idea to perform a play! Also, the reason why Minamo's selfish ways are tolerated by her sister, Kanade, and others is revealed...

Review: Even after finding out that Minamo has some fatal congenital heart defect that can't be fixed at all with today's technology, I still hate her. :/ She's annoying and selfish and retarded. I can only hope she dies soon.

But I must say, Cindy as Space Mambo was A+. MAMBO. MAMBO. MAMBO.


Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle 83-88

Chapters 83-85: The race continues: Kurogane, Syaoran, and others keep competing lower and lower to the final checkpoint...

Chapter 86: Sakura wins! The feather (her memory) is hers! EVERYBODY DANCE NOW.

Chapter 87: The celebration continues as Tomoyo publicly announces Sakura's status as winner. Everyone talks of the past and how they've changed, partying around, until suddenly Mokona detects some kind of magic activity and all the windows in the room shatter around them...

Chapter 88: ...And Jadekoku's Kyle-sensei is the new henchmen for the boys in black controlling the worlds. He steals Sakura's feather; with Tomoyo, Fai, Kurogane, Mokona, and Syaoran's help going to naught. Tomoyo, feeling bad, swears herself to Sakura in order to get her feather back in the FINAL RACE with Kyle-Sensei!

Summary: a;sldfjk Okay so like, 15 chapters went to that race. How ridiculous is that? CLAMP, I expected better. D: However, 88 is where things are starting to get interesting - the worlds are recrossing over again. Now that's fun. I'm still wondering where all of this is going, since the 11th book is due out today and enough material has been collected for the 12th. How many books will there be? Still, it's nice that CLAMP started something new with chapter 88. I'm looking forward to the series again.


The Vampire Gigolo 2

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Summary: Rion continues to look into the case of the missing Shiho, while finding out the female chief of police is one of Suou's clients! Rion also finally finds out that Suou is indeed a real vampire. The lols continue as Suou gets his ass kicked multiple times by an angry Rion when he ribs her about her costume (the Owner makes her wear different ones each time), but stop when her teacher and the police come to take her away from the club, citing teenage deliquency. It's then that Rion realizes that her teacher knows way more about Shiho's case than she's saying, and that she's the one that's taken Shiho away...

Review: Staying very true to the original one-shot in this episode. Ugh. Creepy teacher with lesbian blood fetish usually interests me, but this one was just ew. She was not hot. She was fugly. And licking Rion. D: EW. I can't wait for the next episode to become available - if not soon, I'll go to Tsutaya and rent the whole damn season. o_o But I'm glad Shiho was okay in the end. :3

Maria-sama ga Miteru Drama CD 6: Valentine's Day no Okurimono

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Summary: It's Valentine's Day and the Lillian Jougakuen Newspaper club are demanding that the Rose Families do something to please the rest of the school and come up with a most diabolical scheme - hide coloured cards around the school, and whoever finds them gets a one-day date with the Rose en Bouton as denoted by the card's colour! Whereas Yumi hears a rumour that Sachiko absolutely hates Valentine's Day and always throws out the chocolates given to her and struggles to please her Onee-sama on this most important of days...

Review: Funny how they split novel 5 (of the same name) into two dramas: this one and the next, First Date Triangle. That aside, it's pretty much the same as the anime made it, albeit a little more true to the text. If you've seen the two anime episodes of this (Season 1, episodes 6 and 7) and/or read the book (book 5), then you're not missing much. I'm more looking forward to First Date Triangle as it was NOT integrated into either season of the anime and I haven't had a chance to read it yet.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Summary: (from Voldemort is definitely back-- and with a vengeance. In 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince,' Harry finds his world is again changing. Wizards and Muggles are dying despite the efforts of the Ministry of Magic and the Order of the Phoenix to stop them. The war is back on. Despite the danger, Harry and his friends, Ron and Hermione, reunite and return to the familiar life of Hogwarts for their sixth year. They find yet another 'Defense Against the Dark Arts' teacher, they begin their NEWT classes in preparation for life after Hogwarts, and Harry gets some much needed Potions help from the mysterious 'Half-Blood Prince.' Quiddich is as popular as ever, and Harry finds himself reforming his team and leading the Gryffindors. And then there is the ever popular 'Slug Club' with the new Potions teacher. Romance again comes to Hogwarts, and is a welcome balance to the grim happenings elsewhere. Harry deeply questions his own feelings while trying to understand the effect it is having on his friends. And yet while life at Hogwarts continues, the deaths also continue, and someone is trying to bring it into Hogwart's. Danger seems to lurk around every corner, and Harry is as determined as ever to unmask it. Dumbledore takes Harry under his guidance and together they try to unlock the secret of what is Voldemort and find a way to stop him before it is too late. Ultimately, Harry finds he must accept what he must do as 'The Chosen One' against Voldemort ... and choose between what is right, and what is easy.

Review: Tried to look for as spoiler-free summary as possible and I'll try to keep this review as such. This book felt rushed, but the more I read it, the more I do love it. Now I'm quite impatient to find out the ultimate ending in Book 7. You can't give this book only one reading. I learned that tonight rereading it for the second time. A+, would read repeatedly.

Loveless Manga Drama 3

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Summary: Covers material found in book 2 of the manga and episode 4 and episode 5 of the anime.

Review: Holy shit, this was powerful to listen to. Far more so than just watching the anime. When you have no visuals, it enhanses everything. But wow, the actors really outdid themselves. I was almost crying when the part with Ritsuka getting abused by his mother in the beginning - it was SO realistic. Poor Ritsuka. :( Interesting how in the manga drama CDs, they pretty much stay strictly to material in the manga. They changed it in the anime to give it more relevant themes (Ritsuka has major insomnia in "sleepless" for one example) to help understanding along for the audience. It's a nice change. I like both versions. Very intense. I can't wait for the next one. Also noticed that they rearranged the timelines with everything just slightly, too.

Sugar Sugar Rune 7

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Summary: After Blanca makes some nasty comments about Chocola's mother, Chocola goes to find out the truth by going back to the magic world - forbidden by the Queen search counsel and punishable by removal from the contest if caught! Of course, Chocola is caught, and faces the consequences...

Review: They've finally tied in everything to the manga and they've done so well. They solved the problem of intigrating Chocola's Mother's precious book by having Queen Candy give it to Chocola at the end of the sentence, and the tsuhan is already there. They did this so much better than Tsubasa did and it makes me even sadder to realize that. It took them a few episodes, but they finally caught up to everything. Great job, guys! Maybe now that I have a few weeks off I can finally catch up and read the third volume of the manga.

Vampire Gigolo 1

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Summary: Based on Kaori Yuki's short "Bloodhound". It looks like there have been some mysterious vampire-like murders going on, and who else does hyperactive, loud-mouthed Rion suspect but Suou, a devishly handsome worker of a male host club. (Well, along with everyone else working at the club.)

Review: I had no idea this had become a drama until some kind soul at LJ's angelsanctuary community started posting episodes. This is pretty awesome. Graphic, but awesome. Rion is wonderful but they should have more obnoxious and bleached and stuff. Everything is looking good so far, though. :)

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Loveless Anime Drama 2: Faceless

Summary: A new danger faces Ritsuka and Soubi when a new transfer student - the sister of Kurotani Momiji, who killed Shin-sensei at the Nanatsu no Tsuki school, in an effort to control her brother goes after Ritsuka!

Review: Better than the first one, IMO. Holy shit, sibling abuse. There's one thing I really didn't think of - combined with A+ incest. a;lksdjf This is pushing the bounds, even where Loveless is concerned aside from the usual homoeroticism and BDSM themes. o_o; I think I might have to buy this one. WOOO YEAH!


Nana 10

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Summary: (from Nana wakes up to find herself in bed with Ren. She promised herself to stay away from Ren till the paparazzi stop following them. From Ren, she obtains Hachi's new address. She goes to buy new strawberry cups for Hachi and heads towards Hachi's new apartment. However fate was cruel, just as Nana reaches Hachi's apartment, Hachi left to meet Shin. Nana couldn't meet Hachi and decides to look for her the next day. Hachi meets up with Shin and explains what happened. Shin explains about his family, his childhood and his past. The paparazzi finally got a snapshot of Nana and Ren together. With both the papers and the television media, they decided to create and uproar and perhaps create a breakthrough for Blast. Chaos outbreaks the next day when Blast's Livehouse performance was played on the television and the news of Ren's relationship with Nana. Hachi had a tiny quarrel with Takumi because of Nana. Shin and Nobu was escoted to a hotel. Nana was confronted right outside her apartment door. Confused and realised she could not see Hachi that day, Nana begins to break down slowly. Yasu appears and saves the day. However he punched one of the reporters which landed him in the black books. Trapnest flees to England to escape from the chaos and for a photoshoot. Ren leaves one day earlier. He knew that his obligations now is to the current band and not to the band he knew before. Takumi patches up with Hachi and promises her a diamond ring. Reira slowly breaks down about Takumi and Hachi. Blast decides to take this opportunity to break into the music industry. Gaia decides that they will release their debut single on the same day as Trapnest's new Single. Nobu and Nana both decides to get back Hachi back from Trapnest. Ren and Nana both felt lost in their relationship. They know they both love each other, but could not comprehend the feeling of lost and detachment for each other. Ren is suspicious for Yasu's feelings for Nana.

Summary: Hachi. Stop being such a tool for diamonds. Seriously. It's fucking annoying. Stop hurting Nana and get back to work being umm..Hachi? Yes. >_>;; On another note - Takumi: leave Nana for Reira. It's a match made in hell.

Petopetosan 6

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Summary: Still at the little sister contest, Petoko reappears and starts to turn Chochomaru into a nice girl through love. And finally, Chochomaru and Sahara make up...and then move in with Petoko, Shingo, and everyone else?!

Review: I love how this show can mix such seriousness and silliness in the same breath. It's amazing. Good episode - nice to see Chochomaru finally making up with her older sister.

Nana 9

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Summary: (from Nana isn't taking the news very well about Hachi's pregnancy. She returns home, hoping to only see Hachi. However, she returned home to see Takumi and Hachi. Takumi broke the news that they were going to get married. Nana is stunned and extremely furious. She felt betrayed, felt that everything is lost to Trapnest. Takumi dragged Hachi to bedroom, while Nana stayed outside and fuming. She breaks the strawberry cups and realised that she had lost her only girl-friend. Takumi breaks the news that he was getting married to the production crew and Trapnest. Reira was upset and ran out of the recording room and looked for Yasu (with Shin-chan's help.) Reira was still in love with Takumi. (?!) Nana meets up with Nobu. Nobu tried to cheer Nana up but to only be shaken by the marriage news. Nana tried to console Nobu, however, in the end, she was the only being consoled by Nobu. Hachi and Takumi seemed to be going on well, however Hachi misses her friends. Nana is very upset that Hachi moved out, because she felt that she had lost a chance to patch up with Hachi. Shin-chan went to find Reira, knowing that she was upset over Takumi's marriage. He decided to console her by playing "her song" for her.

Review: Oh god, I was crying at this volume too. I'm so lame. Hachi is such a selfish bitch - Nana's done so much for her and she just up and moves and follows Takumi like a dog. a;lskdfj;asdjf BITCH. D: I can't wait for the movie. o_o


Honey and Clover 17

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Summary: Takemoto-centered episode. Starting with Mayama's old company, they lament the loss of Mayama and the success of B-Team and A-Team's seperation. Also commenting on Ayumi's reluctance to bend to Nomiya's charms. From there it's all Takemoto, talking about how it's not how he hasn't had any confidence - rather, he hasn't had any objective and that's why he's been depressed (for other reasons than Hagu) and keeps screwing up his company interviews. And then he falls ill - coughing up blood in front of Hagu and Ayumi, and from there, realizes everything about his past, future, and everything in between.

Review: One of the best episodes of the season. It takes awhile to get into, but it was so nice he stopped being fucking emo by the end of the episode. I might have to rewatch when the subs come out - since I didn't really get what the cause of his illness was. But man, right when he's on the edge of confessing to Hagu his feelings for her...aslkdj;fasdf. And it looks like Morita's coming back next episode - with blonde hair? D: