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Densha Otoko 1

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Summary: Meet Yamada, your average Akihabarachan Otaku. He gets stepped on in life quite frequently, but it's all good if he can have his anime goods. One night going back on the Chuo-Sobusen his life changes forever, by the actions of a single awful drunk and his own bravery, he comes to know a woman later known as Hermes...

Review: The manga was awful. I read all of it that's come out so far. However, the drama is charming and they picked everyone perfectly (though I would have preferred Nakatani Miki as Hermes like she was in the movie). I've been watching it on TV here, though I came in at the 7th episode, so now i'm rewatching with the fansubs. Poor Yamada. :(

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Mou Ikkai! Densha Otoko


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