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Event: Fuji TV Odaiba Bouken - Rising Dragon Gate 2005 Natsu de BANG!

Fuji TV Odaiba Bouken
Rising Dragon Gate 2005 Special: Natsu de BANG!
August 1, 2005
Guests: Nakanomori Band, Zwei, Kawabe Chieco, Sora Aoi, THE PINK PANDA, others
Studio Dream Maker, Odaiba Kouen, Tokyo

Last night the Jessui and I went to Odaiba (about an hour from here) for what we thought was going to be a regular live featuring Nakanomori Band and Zwei, among others. Zwei was added at the last minute as were quite a few others, so we were among the last to get tickets through Lawson (looking back now, a good idea since it was standing room only, body to body PACKED).

Turns out Fuji TV's Studio Dreammaker is a TV studio after all, not just a live area. We were four rows back standing, and they thought it would be a great idea to put all the guys in front of us. :( Jessi's smaller, so she had to stand on tip toe and use me for balance to see when our favourite acts came on. And it also turns out, that this was for a new TV show (I'm guessing, either that or it's a Fuji TV cable thing), called RISING DRAGON GATE (登龍門~音箱登龍門~). The hosts were Oikawa Nao (gorgeous, for reals), Aoi Sora (JESSI, IT WAS THE NAUGHTY GRAVURE STAR AFTER ALL OMG -, and the main host (Nakano Ana).

The first guest was a complete surprise - Suzuki Ami. She's tried to remake her look a la Amuro, but quite honestly, I don't think it worked well with the song she chose to sang (hip-hop clothing, ballad song? NO.). Her belt was fucking cool, though - it was one of those electric signs that kept scrolling "AMI" in pink repeatedly. She later explained to the posts that you can put anything you want in there via a series of letters on the back to show to the world. Quite honestly, did NOT like her song. :(

Then it was this fucking LOUD AND AWFUL indies band trying to be YUKI from her JAM days - the Pink Panda. Screechy, annoying - I wanted to shoot them repeatedly before they ended. The talk session was even worse. Next.

And then it was some new loli girl bands making their appearance - Harenchi PUNCH (who, Jessui will agree, were really really really AWFUL, just NO. NO NO NO) and two other girls forming a unit where one just entered highschool, the other, university. It was then the hosts declared the show to be Moe-themed. If anyone needs me to explain that, I'll make another post - but in short, it's like loli but without the sexual feelings.

Then Kawabe Chieco came out, and did the BEST imitation of previous said annoying girls. She is totally awesome live, and I wouldn't mind going to one of her lives seperately. She did "Candy Babe" and "Be Your Girl", and then talked a lot with Aoi about how people think they're really close (pictures on her blog about that), but how they just share the same agency and hang out a lot.

And then they talked about boobies.

Apparently there are two Aoi Soras in the gravure/AV/whatever world - the porn star, and the one here on this show. This Aoi Sora doesn't do porn (yet?) but has huge knockers that she loves to show off, a great singing voice, and a wonderful personality. She's mostly done topless stuff. She's releasing her first single soon - the bibinbibin song (it was really addicting to listen to) next month. AWESOME. But back on topic, they kept asking her how she got her boobies so big. And how they could do the same. Aoi answered that "Milk has a lot to do with it" (which would make sense - milk stimulates estrogen stuff after all). All female hosts and guests talking about boobies? PRICELESS.

Somewhere in between, Zwei came on. A few fangirls came for Ayumu and were screaming her name the whole time they came on stage. It was pretty awesome. They did Dragon. AND YES, AYUMU CAN HIT THOSE NOTES IRL. I felt chills up my spine. People were QUIET during the performance, taking it in. Ayumu taking the mikestand and screaming into it is perminently burned into my retinas now. While they did the short talk afterward, the girls started up again. And Ayumu admitted, "It was really embarrassing to see all of these male fans here - we mostly have female fans, and this is the first time we've had so many male fans in the audience". After they went offstage, the hosts were literally gushing about how amazing and "kakkoii" they are. LOL NEW CONVERTS YES.

After that, more loli madness with girls who can't sing returned. Next.

Finally, Nao and this guy Joe (Jessi - know anything about this guy?) did a duet, followed by Nakanomori Band.

Nakanomori Band live are really great. Ayako's voice just totally shines live. They did "Raspberry Pie" and "WHATEVER". "WHATEVER" as a single before had grown on me, but I wasn't prepared for how good they were live. Nao and the hosts mainly talked to Ayako, and I felt bad for the rest of the band. :(

They gathered all the guests at the very very end on stage to do the "Natsu ni BANG!" pose, and poor Ayumu and Megu! They were easily the oldest performers there, and they looked SO embarrassed, like "WHAT THE FUCK WHY AM I DOING THIS?". Ayumu was never more American than she was at that moment - doing the "BANG!" so half-assed (see Homer Simpson's comment on the American way to understand that). It was awesome. It also appeared like she and Megu were looking in our direction (possible - we were the only gaijin there).

Then the show was over.

Outside they had some artist goods - none for Zwei or anyone else, but only for The Pink Panda and Nakanomori Band. I was the last one to buy the Whatever single - and it came with a free SIGNED (yes, authentically signed) bag promoting the single (for 1000y, not bad!). Jessi made an interesting, disgruntled note here - they had very few copies of the single to sell. I answered it's probably because they hadn't expected so many people to come (and that's what the announcers said too).

All in all?

-Zwei, Nakanomori Band, and Kawabe Chieco were the best.
-Aoi Sora and her boobies win for best new song from a gravure idol.

The rest? alsdjkf I could have done without the loli bands that could NOT sing and were NOT cute. -___-;

PS - and for those asking for pictures - weren't allowed in the studio because the waves from our cell phone cameras would have fucked with the wireless mike stuffs. Sorry. :(


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