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Event: Hachimitsu to Clover Cafe, Tokyo DECKS Odaiba Islandside

omg giant hagu

While in Odaiba Monday night, I decided to check out the Hachimitsu to Clover speciality cafe at DECKS Tokyo Islandside.

I was surprised at how small it was - the website makes it look a lot larger. Anyway, I took as many pictures as I could without pissing off the staff and getting caught. They had goods, GREAT food (a little higher than usual but still very delicious), and the ambiance. Hooboy. A+, would go again repeatedly.

My favourite part of the cafe was the original stained glass mural that the original author/artist, Umino did of all of the characters. It was HUGE and gorgeous.

If you're in Tokyo until the end of August, go check it out. It's a limited time thing.

If you're interested in more pictures, I have my moblog finally up at textamerica - where I will be adding more photos of my various exploits soon. :)


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