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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Summary: (from Voldemort is definitely back-- and with a vengeance. In 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince,' Harry finds his world is again changing. Wizards and Muggles are dying despite the efforts of the Ministry of Magic and the Order of the Phoenix to stop them. The war is back on. Despite the danger, Harry and his friends, Ron and Hermione, reunite and return to the familiar life of Hogwarts for their sixth year. They find yet another 'Defense Against the Dark Arts' teacher, they begin their NEWT classes in preparation for life after Hogwarts, and Harry gets some much needed Potions help from the mysterious 'Half-Blood Prince.' Quiddich is as popular as ever, and Harry finds himself reforming his team and leading the Gryffindors. And then there is the ever popular 'Slug Club' with the new Potions teacher. Romance again comes to Hogwarts, and is a welcome balance to the grim happenings elsewhere. Harry deeply questions his own feelings while trying to understand the effect it is having on his friends. And yet while life at Hogwarts continues, the deaths also continue, and someone is trying to bring it into Hogwart's. Danger seems to lurk around every corner, and Harry is as determined as ever to unmask it. Dumbledore takes Harry under his guidance and together they try to unlock the secret of what is Voldemort and find a way to stop him before it is too late. Ultimately, Harry finds he must accept what he must do as 'The Chosen One' against Voldemort ... and choose between what is right, and what is easy.

Review: Tried to look for as spoiler-free summary as possible and I'll try to keep this review as such. This book felt rushed, but the more I read it, the more I do love it. Now I'm quite impatient to find out the ultimate ending in Book 7. You can't give this book only one reading. I learned that tonight rereading it for the second time. A+, would read repeatedly.


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