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Honey and Clover 11

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Summary: After the new year begins, things start to change. Shuu comes back from Mongolia early because he kept getting sick and missed Hagu, and Hagu turns 20(signifying she's no longer a minor under Japanese law and cultural statutes). He
marvels at how "mature" she's become without him in the year that's passed, but she immediately reverts to her immature, co-dependent "elf" self. She asks him to help her with art supply shopping, and when Morita takes her out instead, panic overcomes her and she sobs to Shuu in the end. Takemoto seems to be the only one realizing how much she loves Morita, and instead, says to himself, "Maybe I was only the one really in love, in the end"...

Review: I feel like this is a turning point in the series - and not just because Hagu turned 20, or Shuu came back. It showed her evolution and devolution with and without Shuu, and her love for Morita manifesting in panic disorder as well as xenophobia with anyone but Shuu. Wonderful episode - and I feel so bad for Takemoto. :( Kataomoi is really awful.


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