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Honey and Clover 12

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Summary: Spring has finally come, and it's been one month since Shuu returned. The sakurazensen has come, and everyone is enjoying the weather outside by having hanami parties under the sakura trees. Hagu's depressed because of Morita, and later falls ill with a fever that doesn't seem to go away. Shuu realizes it's because of Morita, and realizes Hagu's feelings for him as the cause for everything. Takemoto becomes depressed, and Morita suddenly leaves on "business" - leaving Takemoto to scream at the Narita sky for all the things that Morita has "taken" from him, "always in the palm of his hand, never closed".

Review: It's getting harder to watch this just because I have such an emotional relationship (lame, I know) with this story. No wonder Umino's work is so popular - no wonder they made it an anime. And when Hagu finds out about all of this, she's
going to freak, again. -__- At least now I'm getting caught up with the episodes - now I just have to catch up with all of the manga. I have three weeks off soon, so I can go to a manga kissa and just chill for a few hours, reading it all.


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