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Honey and Clover 14

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Summary: Mayama-centered episode. Bitching about how he has to wake up next to Takemoto everyday, everyone at the office pretends to get the "wrong idea" about Mayama's sexuality and rags him about it. He and his senpai clench the next deal
for the firm, and he wonders if he saw Rika in the park walking for beer just as he saw her in his dreams. Also, Nomiya goes after Ayumi - with Mayama getting increasingly pissed off about his intentions in the process.

Review: Meh. I'm not a huge Mayama fan, but at least he was acting big-brotherly toward Ayumi. That's some sort of love, isn't it? Even if it's not the type Ayumi wants from him. Noyama is creepy, icky, and EW. asl;fdkj. e__e


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