the usagi incidents


Honey and Clover 15

Summary: Nomiya confronts Mayama about Ayumi and her position in his life - eventually wrenching out that he will not date her, even if his kataomoi with Rika doesn't work out. Asai is hospitalized, and Rika takes care of him; thus facilitating a meeting with Mayama one more time. Finally, we know what happened between them that moonlit night she fell in the shower two years ago...

Review: At least he's figured things out that he has to start again to be able to sneak his way into her heart - just like Ayumi did about him. He's finally acknoledged his relationship in regards to Ayumi what Shuu called being a tough "in-law" rather than brother figure just like he has with Hagu. It'll be interesting to see the next episode, since it's the final one listed on the site. I don't really know - is this series really 16 eps long? ;/ They started the second arc at episode 13 with the redone opening and new ending. The curiosity is killing me.


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