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Honey and Clover 16

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Summary: Whoops. Mayama's firm's presidents have fucked up again and are in the spotlight for yet another family feud - forcing them to split the company into two locations - Tottori and Tokyo. Mayama was going to be transfered to Tottori, but then quit to join the floundering Harada Design and to be with Rika...Whereas Ayumi's older sister gets married and Ayumi makes an ass of herself at the wedding! And people start to marvel over Takemoto's crazy stacked statue, nurtured by Hagu's help, at the school festival...

Review: A hell of a lot happened in this episode and it was hard to keep up. @__@ Poor Ayumi - she's gotten just overwhelmed by requests for marriage, found out via Nomiya that Mayama left the company to join Rika, etc. This was a hard episode for her. Poor poor Ayu. She still loves him so much. ;__; STUPID MAYAMA FOR RUNNING AFTER RIKA! SLDKJF But Shuu had a very good point - Takemoto's running after Hagu running after Morita, Ayumi's running after Mayama running after Rika running after Shuu. "Minna sou da you." Perfect way to bring the episode full circle and tied it together. Everytime I watch or read Hachikuro, I am totally blown away at how wise it is.


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