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Honey and Clover 17

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Summary: Takemoto-centered episode. Starting with Mayama's old company, they lament the loss of Mayama and the success of B-Team and A-Team's seperation. Also commenting on Ayumi's reluctance to bend to Nomiya's charms. From there it's all Takemoto, talking about how it's not how he hasn't had any confidence - rather, he hasn't had any objective and that's why he's been depressed (for other reasons than Hagu) and keeps screwing up his company interviews. And then he falls ill - coughing up blood in front of Hagu and Ayumi, and from there, realizes everything about his past, future, and everything in between.

Review: One of the best episodes of the season. It takes awhile to get into, but it was so nice he stopped being fucking emo by the end of the episode. I might have to rewatch when the subs come out - since I didn't really get what the cause of his illness was. But man, right when he's on the edge of confessing to Hagu his feelings for her...aslkdj;fasdf. And it looks like Morita's coming back next episode - with blonde hair? D:


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