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Honey and Clover 18

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Summary: Morita is back! He appears with blonde hair on the Macademy Awards, winning for best CG creator!? Getting dragged offstage because of a firey speech made toward the creator Peter Lucas (a cross between Peter Jackson and George Lucas?) about BITCH, GIMME MY MONEY, he surprises everyone even more by ending up in the bed right next to Takemoto! Also, he finally turns in his graduation project, thus ending the run of the legendary 8th year college student...or is it really over? Takemoto takes a breath of fresh air, relishing his time with Hagu in their final year, when...

Review: Ahahaha. The Macademy Awards? Umino Chica is too brilliant. This was a wonderful episode. But Takemoto, would you PLEASE stop getting emo every five seconds over Hagu? Please? ;_;


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