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Honey and Clover 19

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Summary: For reasons unstated, Mayama goes back to his previous company after his short reunion working with Rika. He goes with the people from his office, Shuu, Hagu, Takemoto, Morita, Ayumi - the whole gang - for picnicking and hanami since it's Sakura season. Takemoto says that when Morita came back, he was afraid that things that had started would end again (things - meaning Hagu?), but that was not the reality of it. Somehow his words hit Ayumi, and shortly after hears the office people ragging Mayama about Rika, has a screaming fight with Mayama and takes off with Nomiya just to anger him.

Review: Hoooooboy. Poor Ayumi. Mayama obviously cares about her, and hassles Nomiya about her, yet is in love with Rika. Meanwhile, Ayumi carries that self-hatred of wanting he and Rika to break up. Having Takemoto's words and Nomiya's being there - lancing the boil, as you will - was a great foil to give more depth to Ayumi's internal issues about Mayama. I wish Mayama would quit dicking around and just decide over Ayumi and Rika, though. :/


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