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Honey and Clover 9

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Summary: It's Christmastime at the Hamadayama Shoutengai - except this year has far less cheer. A new supermarket has opened across the way from the station, and the Shoutengai's lost a lot of business! Ayu, Hagu, and the rest of the gang try to come up with a plan that will save their families' businesses, and have some fun along the way. Also, a mysterious badge pin appears in Hagu's coffee cup one morning - a duck one, just like she wanted! But who made it for her, and why?

Review: Ruh-roh. I see trouble a-brewin' with the Morita-Hagu-Takemoto love triangle here. .__. Poor Takemoto - he must be feeling low right now. But I'm agreeing with Mayama here - if you love Hagu, fight for her!


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