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Kamichu! 5

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Summary: Oh noes! Japan is famous for its yearly round of summer colds, but it turns out gods can get them too! Yurie's struck down with a nasty bug while her three helpers try to help her grant wishes and heal all at the same time. While Yurie is stuck in a feverish sleep, she discovers a new power - the power to travel out of her body while sleeping or otherwise unconscious. She visits the townspeople (though they don't know it) and learns the cruelest truth about being god - people only pay attention to you when they need you.

Review: Extremely insightful episode on the creators' part. It's so true. Everyone claims to be religious, but in reality, you really only pray to god or whatever WHEN YOU NEED THEM. This is a truth that has been needed to be exposed to the world for a very long time. Who would have thought that something like the animated medium could do that?


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