the usagi incidents


Loveless Manga Drama 3

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Summary: Covers material found in book 2 of the manga and episode 4 and episode 5 of the anime.

Review: Holy shit, this was powerful to listen to. Far more so than just watching the anime. When you have no visuals, it enhanses everything. But wow, the actors really outdid themselves. I was almost crying when the part with Ritsuka getting abused by his mother in the beginning - it was SO realistic. Poor Ritsuka. :( Interesting how in the manga drama CDs, they pretty much stay strictly to material in the manga. They changed it in the anime to give it more relevant themes (Ritsuka has major insomnia in "sleepless" for one example) to help understanding along for the audience. It's a nice change. I like both versions. Very intense. I can't wait for the next one. Also noticed that they rearranged the timelines with everything just slightly, too.


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