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Maria-sama ga Miteru Drama CD 6: Valentine's Day no Okurimono

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Summary: It's Valentine's Day and the Lillian Jougakuen Newspaper club are demanding that the Rose Families do something to please the rest of the school and come up with a most diabolical scheme - hide coloured cards around the school, and whoever finds them gets a one-day date with the Rose en Bouton as denoted by the card's colour! Whereas Yumi hears a rumour that Sachiko absolutely hates Valentine's Day and always throws out the chocolates given to her and struggles to please her Onee-sama on this most important of days...

Review: Funny how they split novel 5 (of the same name) into two dramas: this one and the next, First Date Triangle. That aside, it's pretty much the same as the anime made it, albeit a little more true to the text. If you've seen the two anime episodes of this (Season 1, episodes 6 and 7) and/or read the book (book 5), then you're not missing much. I'm more looking forward to First Date Triangle as it was NOT integrated into either season of the anime and I haven't had a chance to read it yet.


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