the usagi incidents


Nana 10

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Summary: (from Nana wakes up to find herself in bed with Ren. She promised herself to stay away from Ren till the paparazzi stop following them. From Ren, she obtains Hachi's new address. She goes to buy new strawberry cups for Hachi and heads towards Hachi's new apartment. However fate was cruel, just as Nana reaches Hachi's apartment, Hachi left to meet Shin. Nana couldn't meet Hachi and decides to look for her the next day. Hachi meets up with Shin and explains what happened. Shin explains about his family, his childhood and his past. The paparazzi finally got a snapshot of Nana and Ren together. With both the papers and the television media, they decided to create and uproar and perhaps create a breakthrough for Blast. Chaos outbreaks the next day when Blast's Livehouse performance was played on the television and the news of Ren's relationship with Nana. Hachi had a tiny quarrel with Takumi because of Nana. Shin and Nobu was escoted to a hotel. Nana was confronted right outside her apartment door. Confused and realised she could not see Hachi that day, Nana begins to break down slowly. Yasu appears and saves the day. However he punched one of the reporters which landed him in the black books. Trapnest flees to England to escape from the chaos and for a photoshoot. Ren leaves one day earlier. He knew that his obligations now is to the current band and not to the band he knew before. Takumi patches up with Hachi and promises her a diamond ring. Reira slowly breaks down about Takumi and Hachi. Blast decides to take this opportunity to break into the music industry. Gaia decides that they will release their debut single on the same day as Trapnest's new Single. Nobu and Nana both decides to get back Hachi back from Trapnest. Ren and Nana both felt lost in their relationship. They know they both love each other, but could not comprehend the feeling of lost and detachment for each other. Ren is suspicious for Yasu's feelings for Nana.

Summary: Hachi. Stop being such a tool for diamonds. Seriously. It's fucking annoying. Stop hurting Nana and get back to work being umm..Hachi? Yes. >_>;; On another note - Takumi: leave Nana for Reira. It's a match made in hell.


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