the usagi incidents


Nana 9

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Summary: (from Nana isn't taking the news very well about Hachi's pregnancy. She returns home, hoping to only see Hachi. However, she returned home to see Takumi and Hachi. Takumi broke the news that they were going to get married. Nana is stunned and extremely furious. She felt betrayed, felt that everything is lost to Trapnest. Takumi dragged Hachi to bedroom, while Nana stayed outside and fuming. She breaks the strawberry cups and realised that she had lost her only girl-friend. Takumi breaks the news that he was getting married to the production crew and Trapnest. Reira was upset and ran out of the recording room and looked for Yasu (with Shin-chan's help.) Reira was still in love with Takumi. (?!) Nana meets up with Nobu. Nobu tried to cheer Nana up but to only be shaken by the marriage news. Nana tried to console Nobu, however, in the end, she was the only being consoled by Nobu. Hachi and Takumi seemed to be going on well, however Hachi misses her friends. Nana is very upset that Hachi moved out, because she felt that she had lost a chance to patch up with Hachi. Shin-chan went to find Reira, knowing that she was upset over Takumi's marriage. He decided to console her by playing "her song" for her.

Review: Oh god, I was crying at this volume too. I'm so lame. Hachi is such a selfish bitch - Nana's done so much for her and she just up and moves and follows Takumi like a dog. a;lskdfj;asdjf BITCH. D: I can't wait for the movie. o_o


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