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Petopetosan 4

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Summary: Ooops. Petoko and her mum are SO poor that their electricity got cut off and they can't eat! So Sensei invites them, Sahara, and Shingo over to help cook for 100 Red Tree Imps that have come to visit Sensei. Shingo suggests that Petoko enter the Little Sister Contest to win 100,000y - asking Sahara to be her "older sister". However, Sahara has family problems of her own... she's been followed by someone for the last few days...turning out to be her little sister, Chochomaru, and her henchmen! With the goal of killing her older sister to become heir to the Kappa Family River system, Chochomaru comes to Sensei's house to start a fight...

Review: Those Tree Imps, man, you can't let them out of your sight for a second. @__@ Also, wtf is with Chochomaru? I guess you can't spell loli without lol. u__u She's quite fucking annoying. And it looks like from the next episode on she's going to be a major part of the series! ;__;


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