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Saishuu Heiki Kanojo OAV: Another Love Song 1

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Summary: (from Every weapon must have a prototype. For the ultimate weapon, career soldier Lt. Mizuki is that prototype. As she comes to the limit of her powers as a weapon, she must watch the tragic unfolding of Chise's growth into the final weapon.

Review: Oh god. I loved the original Saikano, and I love this OAV, but it's all so heartbreaking. And it was so awful to hear the military guys say, "oh, because she was there and her body fit the weaponry perfectly, that's why we chose Chise". I can't believe what that must be like. I need to go read the manga now. I can't wait until the next and last episode - due out in late September. Now that I think about it - for the weaponry, they're ONLY using women. I wonder what that means?

2 (final)

Saikano (series)
Saishuu Heiki Kanojo: Live Action Movie preview


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