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Sugar Sugar Rune 7

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Summary: After Blanca makes some nasty comments about Chocola's mother, Chocola goes to find out the truth by going back to the magic world - forbidden by the Queen search counsel and punishable by removal from the contest if caught! Of course, Chocola is caught, and faces the consequences...

Review: They've finally tied in everything to the manga and they've done so well. They solved the problem of intigrating Chocola's Mother's precious book by having Queen Candy give it to Chocola at the end of the sentence, and the tsuhan is already there. They did this so much better than Tsubasa did and it makes me even sadder to realize that. It took them a few episodes, but they finally caught up to everything. Great job, guys! Maybe now that I have a few weeks off I can finally catch up and read the third volume of the manga.


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