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The Vampire Gigolo 2

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Summary: Rion continues to look into the case of the missing Shiho, while finding out the female chief of police is one of Suou's clients! Rion also finally finds out that Suou is indeed a real vampire. The lols continue as Suou gets his ass kicked multiple times by an angry Rion when he ribs her about her costume (the Owner makes her wear different ones each time), but stop when her teacher and the police come to take her away from the club, citing teenage deliquency. It's then that Rion realizes that her teacher knows way more about Shiho's case than she's saying, and that she's the one that's taken Shiho away...

Review: Staying very true to the original one-shot in this episode. Ugh. Creepy teacher with lesbian blood fetish usually interests me, but this one was just ew. She was not hot. She was fugly. And licking Rion. D: EW. I can't wait for the next episode to become available - if not soon, I'll go to Tsutaya and rent the whole damn season. o_o But I'm glad Shiho was okay in the end. :3


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