the usagi incidents


Full Metal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shambala (Movie) - 2005

Summary: ( Munich, Germany, 1923. Two years have passed since Edward Elric was dragged from his own world to ours, leaving behind his country, his friends and his younger brother, Alphonse. Stripped of his alchemical powers, he has been all this time researching rocketry together with Alphonse Heiderich, a young man with a lot of resemblances to his own brother, hoping to one day find a way back home. His efforts so far had proven fruitless, but after lending a hand to a troubled gipsy girl, Edward is thrown in a series of events that can wreak havoc in both worlds. Meanwhile, at his own world, Alphonse Elric ventures deeper into the mysteries of alchemy in search for a way to reunite with his older brother.

Review: Hot damn. I finally was able to see this - and it was totally worth it. I feel like this is a "real ending" to the entire FMA story. Also, some really awesome twists on current human history - I mean, they even put Hitler in the film. That was pretty great. And somehow, all of those changes made sense. The FMA cast did the best job they've done to date - and the staff. This movie was everything I was hoping it would be.


House 25 (S2 E3)

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"Humpty Dumpty"

Summary: ( An asthmatic man suddenly becomes unconscious and falls off of Dr. Cuddy's roof while working on her house.

Review: House was right (as per usual) but this time about Cuddy's personality. She does feel too much to be a doctor. However, she's a good human resources person. That's what makes her good at her job. One thing is clear - House is definitely pushing the envelope in terms of what's getting past the censors. And that makes me happy.

Choice Houseisms from this episode:

House: (about Cuddy) I’m happy to report we’re so in sync we’re wearing each others underwear.

Dr. Cuddy: Have you been intentionally dense?
House: (makes duh face) Huh?

Saku Saku - Week of 9/26-30

Summary: Just to let you guys know, because Saku Saku is a beloved show of mine that's hard to find online now (there won't be screencaps :(), I'll be doing summaries by week and not everyday. Anyway, here we go.

Week of 9/26 - 9/30/2005
*Youhna (singer) as a guest host the entire week, along with Kaela and Vincent.

Monday Summary: Talking about the election with Vincent and Kaela. Also, promotion of Kaela's new single, which drops on 10/5, and lots of talk about the new Vincent puppet doll (!!) going on sale Saturday. A short talk with Youhna about her success in Japan, compared with her mother country (Korea).

Monday Review: A+. Are we sure this is really a kids' show? I mean, talking about the election and everything. asl;kjdf WANT VINCENT GOODS NOW. D:

Tuesday: Talking with Vincent about nature's supremely strong insects. Kaela talks about her recent promotional work with Pino ice cream, and Mega-Department Store Parco. Talking with Youhna about how she feels working on the TOUCH movie (adapted from the manga), and how it's affected her budding career. Also, Kaela talks with friends musician group DEPAPEPE.

Tuesday Review: as;ldkf If I ever have to hear about kumamushi from Vincent again, I WILL SCREAM. However, his drawings were A+.

Wednesday: Vincent and Kaela read mail from fans and answer questions. Talking with Youhna about her 3 most favourite things.

Wednesday review: Yay HOHOEMIGAESHI. Seriously, Vincent needs to do that more often. My heart just melts and goes "awwwww". ><

Thursday: Talk about Taiga (Historical) dramas and their popularity in Japan. Talking with Youhna about her CD release (same day as Kaela's new single goes on sale), and how she feels about her career and everything that's happened so far. Also, new keitai ringtone talk.

Thursday review: The vincent puppets' HOHOEMIGAESHI along with Kaela's was the best so far. If one HOHOEMIGAESHI is good, then 3 is even better. :o

Friday: Missed this one. :( Sorry guys.

October: 3 7 17 18

Kimura Kaela First Tour: KAELA 4YOU

Kimura Kaela, model of popular teen magazines such as SEVENTEEN and Cutie surprised everyone when she announced she was going into singing in early 2004. She quickly became a cult success, with droves of girls following her indies tours wherever she went. Finally, last summer, she was able to do her first official tour - and "KAELA 4YOU" covers the whole process of that tour complete with a documentary, and the original concert footage.

What is most surprising, though, is that Kaela's voice is if anything, better live than in the studio. That's very rare in any kind of musician nowadays, and it was really a pleasure to watch this DVD. I think I just may have to buy it. Kaela, you definitely have a devoted fan here.

Honey and Clover 7

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Summary: Covering anime episodes 22-24.

Review: Ahahaha. Yappari shuufu!Takemoto is better in print that on screen - and I didn't think that possible. Especially with all of those kirakira marks all around him. But his journey back, and his return to Hagu was very very sweet. :3

Honey and Clover 6

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Summary: Covering anime episodes 20-21.

Review: The more I read the manga, the more I realize that ANIMATION has done hachikuro absolute perfect justice with the transition to anime. It's almost verbatim from the drawn comics. I got emotional in this book - especially when Takemoto finds that beach without realizing it. "What is that sound..? Oh. That's the sound of emptiness." It touched me very deeply, this volume, as did the next.


Beautiful People

Summary: A collection of short stories/comics by Mitsukazu Mihara. Everyone in their lives at some point question who the most important people are to them - including their own selves.

Review: Not the best Mihara work, but still good. The art, as usual, was amazing, but this felt like typical Mihara fare when it comes to psychological elements of storytelling. RIP was better.

Final Review: B

Nana 13

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Summary: Hachi comes to Shin and Reira's birthday party at Kamakura Castle - only to really piss Takumi off! Shin and Yuri, after talking, end up having sex...thus making Yuri extremely attached to him and jealous of anyone else who even looks at him. Nana and Hachi finally reunite, regardless of Takumi's screaming. Finally, back at home with Takumi in the bathtub, Hachi learns that Shin got Reira pregnant...

Review: Oh god. Hachi, why do you stay with him!? a;sdlfjkasf Also, Yuri is a cunt. But I can also understand her reasoning - as she's a porn star, she fucks men for a living. Someone who shows her love or the illusion of it is bound to make her clingy. Miu cutting? As I recall she's a model, and self-destructive behaviour would not surprise me in the least at all. Ren is probably next to Yasu the best male character in the book, because he just flows with everything. Nana is lucky to have him. :) Happiest scene of the volume? Nana and Hachi sleeping in the same bed just like the old days.

PS - Shin knocking up Reira? I saw it coming.


Saikano OAV: Another Love Song 2 (final)

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Summary: Mizuki and Chise's backstory continues, with Mizuki finally opening up to Chise about her own experiences and life. When Chise starts to malfunction, killing random people, Mizuki gives her one last bit of advise, makes her a promise: In the end, be with the one you love most.

Review: A fitting end to the back story for this OAV. Extremely sad, but unfortuately, Saikano is not a happy bunny story. I've noticed a lot of OAVs that try to do this by explaining the back story of a series usually fail and just get people more confused, but this one just clarified everything and Chise was FINALLY given more than just the previous one dimensional character as seen with Shuu-chan's telling of the story. If you've seen Saikano, or haven't seen it, watch this OAV. It'll explain more than anything else.

Final Review: A++++


Honey and Clover 0: Official Fanbook

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Summary: This is the major fanbook to the manga series. Interviews with the original authour Umino Chica, story guide by each volume, and lots of miniscule character examination for both the major and minor and even cameo characters.

Review: I was actually able to find this used - half off at one of my local used stores near ICU. A great find - I've only read the first few pages, but already I can honestly say that I now understand more about the goings on between the characters and how Umino's personality fits into them than I did before. If you're a hachikuro fan, I highly highly reccommend you read this book. It'll explain things that you never even though of with the series previously. Also, great inside comics that will make you lol to death.

Nana: Novel from the Movie

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Summary: Two girls of the same age, same name meet at the same time in the same train. They find the same apartment without knowing it, move in together - thus starting the marvelous adventure that is Yazawa Ai's "NANA". (text has been taken exactly from the film).

Review: Again, like the film, my major complaint is this: Cutting it off short in the middle of the entire story arc. However, it's been announced that there will be a sequel in the works as of later this year/early 2006 that is supposedly supposed to finish the rest of the story (as it is so far - volumes 5-13), so that's a good thing. Another thing I noticed while reading the novel - they're far more explicit about the initial bathtub scene with Nana and Ren in the beginning in the book than they are in the movie. But I guess that's to be expected. Otherwise, a good read as it has better inner monologues and brings more clarity to the characters that film just cannot due as it's visual and not textual. Check it out if you can.

Final Review: A

Nana 12

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Summary: ( The tank begins in the future with Hachi walking along the street to room 707 with her daughter. She meets up with Blast minus Nana, helping them dress up in yukata. Nobu and Shin both looked grown up and Hachi's daughter looks like Takumi. Apparently, Trapnest would meet up with the rest later. Nobu still shows interest in Hachi. Nana is no where to be seen, and Hachi is waiting for her. We are brought back to the present timeline. Blast waits for Hachi in 707, in disguises to see the fireworks in the public. Hachi is late and calls Shin, telling her she won't be going because she is afraid to see Nobu. Nana tells Hachi to come because Nobu is not here. Hachi believes. Nobu gets angry and attempts to remove his disguise. Nana taunts Nobu telling him to get Hachi back. Hachi reaches 707 and only Nobu is waiting for her inside. He did not open the door and decided to let Hachi go. Hachi returns home to face Takumi. She receives news that they can't marry yet and have to postpone it because Ren and Nana are getting married. And because of publicity, they have to postone theirs. Nana and Ren declares their marriage and signed the wedding papers on air. It was also the time when Blast debut single and Trapnest's latest - Trust was being sold. Reira holds a birthday party in a "castle". They decided to include Shin's as well, since their birthdays were on the same date. The paparazzi have found Nana's mother. Naoki invites Hachi to the party without Takumi's consent. Hachi only realises why she wasn't invited in Naoki's car. (Because of Nobu and Takumi).

Summary: And the plot thickens. Hooray for Ren and Nana finally stopping all of that angsty sexual tension shit and finally getting hitched. And I keep asking myself - Hachi, why are you staying with Takumi? I mean, I know you're pregnant, but still. Is the sex really that worth it? :/ Also, Nobu/Yuri = WTF?!? o_o Takumi needs to stop being such a possessive cunt. Then again, Hachi's not too bright so maybe he is perfect for her after all - at least he'll keep her out of trouble. :/ Seeing Grown-Up Hachi was kind of a shock, since she looks so much like her mother. And her own daughter looks identical to Takumi. WTF. Scary. No. ;-; But grown-up Nana was pretty awesome. Still wearing fishnets and shit and being a married woman. That is the BEST.

Petopetosan 11

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Summary: The imouten project goes underway - with Chochomaru successfully getting Petoko onboard for the idea. However, things get a little uncomfortable when the love triangle begins again and Shingo gets depressed. All is changed when Chochomaru reveals her final addition to imouten: the Typhoon express, giving the riders a chance to ride the wind to the destination of their choice.

Review: Good episode, but so loli. Then again, you can't spell loli without lol. Also, Shingo needs to admit his feelings for Petoko. It's getting annoying, dammit. All of this kataomoi. D:<

Kamichu! 11

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Summary: Feeling lazy today, so here's Matthew's summary on the episode.

Review: 5000 to 1000y? That's harsh. Then again, that's what you get when you live with a binbougami I guess. It sucks being a god sometimes. Everyone always wants something! Next episode is the final one - and on valentine's day! I hope Yurie's kataomoi with Ken-chan is finally resolved. Sexual tension is the worst. D:

House 24 (S2 E2)

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Summary: ( Dr. Wilson convinces House to take the case of one of his patients, a young girl with terminal cancer who starts suffering from hallucinations.

Review: House definitely is snarkier this season - it's not my imagination. However, this episode really pushed it in terms of a lot of things - Chase giving the girl her first kiss at 9 years old, House remarking the bravery emotion as a symptom of a brain tumour, etc. It's kind of amazing how much the Fox censors are letting him get away with this season. Now THAT's good watchin'! Also, congrats to the House team for taking their first Emmy awards ever!! For one year on air, that's pretty damn good.

Choice Houseisms for this episode:
House: And you stay away the patient.
Dr. Cameron: What did I do?
House: You’ll just get all warm and cuddly around the dying girl, and insinuate yourself, and end up in a custody battle.

Dr. Cameron: You mean I actually get to touch the markers?

Dr. Wilson: Hayfever?
House: You must be a doctor or something.

Densha Otoko 11 (final)

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Summary: Hermes finally reads the BBS, and realizes both her own true feelings for Yamada and his for her. But Kazuya isn't going to let them have such an easy happy ending - plotting to coerce her into marriage and leaving Yamada totally destroyed. But love wins out in the end, forcing Kazuya to realize and validate the weight of their relationship. Also, since he and Hermes are finally together, Yamada "Graduates" from being an Otaku forever.

Review: Wonderful, wonderful ending. And it also stuck straight to the original story, too. Apparently there's going to be a special in two weeks, but that will be a side-story not covered in the movie/drama. The woman who plays Hermes is indeed perfect for the role, and I ended up crying in the end. I'm going to definitely miss being able to watch and anticipate a new Densha Otoko every week. :( Definitely one of the best of the year, if not one of the best stories EVER.

Honey and Clover 23

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Summary: Takemoto continues his stint with the Temple repairers, until he gets enough money to get a new bike and continue his journey. However, he's so happy working with the repairers that he doesn't realize it until they shove him out of the group, asking that he continue his journey and see them again afterward. Takemoto realizes they're right, and is grateful - continuing on his way to Hokkaido. Also, Rika wants Ayumi to make her some pottery pieces for Harada design...and Ayumi has no idea how to react, act, or think around her.

Review: Oh god, one more episode left. Why do I get the feeling that this is going to remain unfinished? D: Will Takemoto find himself? And what about Hagu - who's struggling with her own future? als;adkjf. I'm so torn!

Honey and Clover 22

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Summary: It's been 11 days since Takemoto left Tokyo, and he's down to half of his savings. On the way he finds a band of travelling temple/shrine repairers - and finally feels like he's found something to do with himself. Meanwhile, just by chance, both Rika and Ayumi arrive at Fujiwara design (almost everyone left for Tottori before since one of the brothers just ran out on the company) - leaving them to face off with each other, quietly, over Mayama.

Review: Oh man. Ayumi, you need to have more faith in yourself. Don't go falling in love with Rika yourself when you also have feelings for Mayama. Two episodes left, too. I hope they do another season, since the manga is still in production.

Honey and Clover 21

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Summary: Takemoto gets a job, only to find out during his celebration party later the next night that since someone didn't pay up on a remodelling job, his new company is bankrupt. Completely destroyed inside, he goes on a journey to find himself on his bike, away from Tokyo and his loved ones.

Review: I think I need to go on a self-finding journey too. I know at least a little how he feels. Either way this episode was important to me.


Nana 11

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Summary: ( Shin and Reira communicates through e-mail. Through these e-mails, Reira slowly feels Shin's love for her. Nobu tries to meet up with Hachi. But Hachi doesn't want to. She is afraid that she will ruin everything that she just had decided on. Takumi and Hachi heads back to Hachi's hometown to visit her parents and ask for her hand in marriage. (This scene, in my opinion is really amusing.) Blast moves into the dorms and meets up with their new friends - Yuri and Miu. Nana had a respiratory nervous attack which nearly scared everyone to death. It had something to do with her psychological unstablity especially when under stress or anger and her quick temper. Blast had their first Live Performance at Shinjuku.
Trapnest and Blast both appeared for a slot on a show called Music Studio (similiar to the real life Music Station). It was a gathering of old friends and new foes. ^^ Ren asked Nana to marry him. Blast went back for a mahjong section when Hachi messaged Shin, telling him she misses the time when they saw fireworks together and it felt like a dream. Nana immediately asked Hachi to meet at 707, to watch the fireworks once again. On the night itself, Hachi meets Shoji and had a decent conversation. Shin and Nana asks Nobu to get Hachi back.

Summary: Guhhhh so much angst. :/ Hachi/Shoji angst, Nobu/Hachi angst, Hachi/Nana angst, etc. ;__; This story just seems to get sadder with each volume. a;ldskfj


Honey and Clover 5

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Summary: Covers episodes 16-19 of the anime. Same plot and storyline.

Review: Again, I'm shocked at how close hachikuro managed to stay to the manga when it was transitioned to anime. Still, there's nothing quite like looking at Umino Chica's art and really feeling the movement of the characters. She's an amazing artist - she makes things move without doing so. Loved this volume. Lots of Takemoto angst. And the comeback of Morita!


Final Fantasy VII: Last Order (OAV)

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Summary: Pre-game OAV, giving another spin on how things in the game started in the first place.

Review: Madhouse's talent was wasted on this one. If they were going to do a pre-game OAV, they could have done SO much more, especially with explaining more about materia and so forth (especially since I haven't played the game). While it was fun to watch, it could have been done better. Fie on you, Square Enix!

Final Review: C

Related: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Kamichu! 10

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Summary: Because she has to go to the one-month long Gods' convention, Yurie's temporary one-month transfer to another school goes through. Everyone is cold and distant, truly treating her like a goddess...but all Yurie wants is to make friends...

Review: Honestly, one of the best episodes of the series so far. It really shows how far Yurie still has to go as a "middle-schooler" in the human world (though she is a goddess) emotionally. I cried at the end, I admit it. Also, I hope the song that the cat-goddess sung with her band is on the soundtrack. She was really awesome. And lol at the famicomgami and the goth loli girl as the shinigami. Apparently there are only 2 episodes to go - I hope they make a second season!


Joou no Kyoushitsu

Summary: (from wikipedia) Move over, Kimpachi-sensei! Maya Akutsu-sensei of Joou no Kyoshitsu is vying for a place next to you in the small-screen teachers' Hall of Fame, and she is obviously a woman who gets what she wants. Amami Yuki plays Maya Akutsu, a sixth-grade teacher who dresses all in black and is repeatedly referred to as "oni sensei" (the teacher from hell), when, in fact, she seems to be an ultrarealist at heart. The drama focuses on a year in her classroom and, particularly, the effect it has on 12-year-old Kazumi--a nice but mediocre student whose parents want to send her to a private secondary school. And what a surprising change of pace this classroom is! There is no slouching, talking back or disregard for the rules here. The teacher is actually in charge, and she takes no whining from the kids, who are shivering in their chairs, fearful of her wrath. When the students protest her system and call it unfair, she tells them to open their eyes. In Japanese society, she lectures, those who work hard or have influence get all the privileges, and the lazy or less affluent end up with the leftovers. She says only six in 100 people can expect to be happy and the elite already have most of the advantages and access to the best medical care. She tells them that, as products of the public school system, they will have to scramble to get anything at all, and most of them will end up as "bonjin" (ordinary people), to whom those on the top will be happy to leave the soldiering and service-sector jobs. When the kids counter that grades aren't everything and the sports and entertainment worlds still beckon, the teacher argues an even smaller percentage will make it in those fields. She may just be telling it as it is, but it is a pretty bleak message for the first day of sixth grade.

Review: I caught this series in about the middle (ep 6 or so) and have been religiously watching ever since. Tonight was the series finale and it did NOT disappoint. Amami Yuki of ex-Takarazuka Otokoyaku fame was perfect for this role as the teacher is supposed to be schoolmarm, and almost mannish in her qualities. Not just physically, either. This series wormed its way into my heart, despite all of the contraversy surrounding it. The novel just came out last week, and even if I can't read all the kanji, I'll be damned if I let that stop me.

Also, episode 11 was the best of the series. It tied everything in perfectly. And we finally got to see Akutsu-sensei smile.

This series is now in my top favourites ever. If you get a chance, by all means, see this series!

Densha Otoko 10

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Summary: After being flat-out rejected by Hermes in a fit of sad rage, Yamada spirals down into a deep depression, withdrawing even from his 2ch friends. They set off on a quest to find him, to tell him not to give up hope while Hermes goes off on vacation with her friends. When she returns, she finds a message on her cell phone saying for her to read the BBS...

Review: I could have sworn this was going to be the last episode, but I was wrong. @__@ Anyway, NEXT week is the 90min special. als;dkfj damn. While I fully understand Hermes' shocked state about finding out about the BBS, I think it was incredibly dumb of her (to put it lightly) to just reject everything without really reading it first. Once again, BBS Member Train Conductor Man was A+++ with his "searching for Denshaotoko" poster in Akihabara. I laughed so hard I thought my sides were going to explode.


Petopetosan 10

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Summary: The drama involving Kana's running away continues as her father catches up with her. All seems mended in the end though, while everyone has sushi with Shingo's family - and Chochomaru announces her plans for Petoko! Imouten? Imouto Tengoku? A lolicon's paradise?

Review: lol imouten. Oh god, I can see lolicon guys flocking to that place in droves. For all of her meh traits, Chochomaru can definitely sell what otaku guys want.

Fall 2005 titles

After seeing some trailers, I'm indecently excited about seeing:
Jigoku Shoujo - Looks awesome. I've been hearing some majorly good buzz about this show. I also like gothy type anime as well, so hopefully this'll be good.
Paradise Kiss - adapated from the Yazawa Ai manga. Loved the manga, loved the prequel. And Animation Company did a really great job with Hachikuro, so hopefully Parakiss will also be awesome.
BLOOD + - I loved the original movie and the manga.

Interesting looking:
Ergo Proxy - From the creators of Samurai Champloo. Manglobe has done well in the past. Let's hope this don't suck. :)
Noein - Futuristic. Yum.
Mushishi - Getting rave reviews everywhere. Looks interesting - loved Boogiepop, and apparently this has the same feel to it.

The rest, however, all look like harem shows of one sort or another. -__-; That's the last thing we need.

Sugar Sugar Rune 11

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Summary: A girl in Chocola and Vanilla's class asks Vanilla to help her win the heart of one of their senpai - thereby making Chocola jealous of their budding friendship.

Review: Hooboy, can I sympathize with this episode. It seems to happen a lot to me, actually. >_< But at least Vanilla and Chocola were able to patch it up in the end.


House 23 (S2 E1)

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Summary ( A death row inmate is felled by an unknown disease and House decides to take on the case, over Cuddy and Foreman's objections. House also has to deal with Stacy who is working closely with him, while Cameron has to cope with a dying patient.

Review: I was actually expecting the season premiere to be later than it was, but damn. Good opening, and good inclusion of Sela Ward into the cast. I had forgotten that LL Cool J had acting experience, and he did exceptionally well in this episode as the death row inmate. I need my mother to send me the S1 DVDs so I can show the rest of Japan how wonderful House is. :x Also: is it just me, or did House himself get snarkier? XD If that's even possible?

Choice Houseisms for the episode:
(about Stacy)
House: Don't worry - Mommy and Daddy are fighting, but we love you all the same as before.

(on death row patient)
House: I have to make him all better for the state to kill him. Is it me or does that seem ironic?


Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Summary: (from Two years after the events in "Final Fantasy VII", a disease called 'Seikon-Shoukougun', or 'Geostigma', is spreading through the planet. This disease is believed to have been caused by the body fighting off foreign material that invaded the body two years earlier, at the end of "Final Fantasy VII". Guilt-ridden and haunted by his past, ex-SOLDIER Cloud Strife has decided to live a secluded, solitary life away from his friends while maintaining "Strife's Delivery Service", whose headquarters is located in Tifa Lockheart's bar, the Seventh Heaven. Tifa's bar serves as an orphanage for children stricken with Geostigma. Here, Tifa keeps an eye on Barret's six-year-old daughter, Marlene, while Barret searches the planet for an alternative energy source to the fossil fuel, Mako. One day, Cloud receives a phone call from the former Shinra, Inc. president, Rufus, asking him for protection from a mysterious man named Kadaj. Kadaj, in the meantime, along with his brothers Loz and Yazoo, are searching for their "mother", and seem to believe that Cloud knows where to find her. Meanwhile, Vincent Valentine has been wandering the planet gathering information on Kadaj's scheme, and Cloud and his friends must come together again to fight these new enemies.

Review: Well, as I'm not a gamer and I have not played the game, I will be doing my review via conversation with good lj friend and internets husband duffey:

thetokyoincident: so. ff movie.
thetokyoincident: made me go WHAT.
duffey says hi: oh me too but that's why it was awesome!
thetokyoincident: Yeah. I'm not really too familiar with FF, but maybe that's why I was like WHAT.
thetokyoincident: How does that guy = sepiroth? explain
duffey says hi: I'm not sure. I can't really explain that but I guess he fused himself with Jenova's cells and ...turned into Seph somehow.
thetokyoincident: Okay. Give me a background on what happened with Seph in the first place?
thetokyoincident: Still a bit lost. u_u
duffey says hi: Sephiroth was SOLDIER's best ...soldier. He was the highest ranked and probably the best swordsman in the entire world.
duffey says hi: So he finds out how he was created (Jenova is an alien parasite and ShinRa used her cells on random people to make soldiers) and goes completely nutrs
duffey says hi: destroys towns and the like. all in good fun!
thetokyoincident: yay :D
thetokyoincident: and what about this lifestream thingy?
duffey says hi: The lifestream is basically the veins of the planet. When people die they get absorbed into it. I guess it's like a death turns into life thing because I think the lifestream makes the environment and etc. I'm not too sure I haven't played FF7 in a long long time
thetokyoincident: each FF has its own storyline?
duffey says hi: Yup, all of them pretty uniquely deep.
duffey says hi: Although the general basis of them all is 'save the world from big bad creature'
thetokyoincident: well, yeah D:
thetokyoincident: and what about the previous movie? I kept hearing it was shit
duffey says hi: It was because it was tailored for an american audience.
duffey says hi: it was starship troopers + final fantasy
thetokyoincident: splain
duffey says hi: The general basis of that movie was the same but I guess you could say it was very less japanese despite actually being japanese.
duffey says hi: It was played off as an American movie.
thetokyoincident: doh.
duffey says hi: The thing is it acted less like one thanks to a gigantic amount of dialogue and less action than most movies.
thetokyoincident: @___@
duffey says hi: So it was a gigantic financial failure!
thetokyoincident: btw why did everyone wet their pants over advent children?
thetokyoincident: It was a fun to watch movie, but nothing so amazing IMO
thetokyoincident: though the animation was A+++++
duffey says hi: Because FF7 is the most popular FF game ever.
thetokyoincident: rly
thetokyoincident: I thought FFX was
duffey says hi: and pretty much brought RPGs to america in a way.
duffey says hi: naw, FF7 has this... gigantic legion of fanboys.
thetokyoincident: oh dear god
duffey says hi: FFX is cool but FF7 totally got a fuckton of RPGs here finally
duffey says hi: and if you wanna keep going further into the rabbit hole it pretty much got gaming into the mainstream.
duffey says hi: if FF7 had failed I am pretty sure the gaming landscape would be very different by now.
thetokyoincident: hmmm
thetokyoincident: I never knew it was all so deep. @__@
duffey says hi: hehe yeah it's very weird. it's both a good thing and a bad thing.
thetokyoincident: btw Tifa was pretty hot
thetokyoincident: I'd hit it
duffey says hi: I think the fact that america is finally getting niche games like Katamari is cool but man we get some terrible games from Japan now @_@
thetokyoincident: lol yeah
duffey says hi: lol dude she's got bigger tits in the game
thetokyoincident: how is that possible? O_O
duffey says hi: way way way bigger
thetokyoincident: but what surprised me is that they really really really looked, moved, and acted like PEOPLE
thetokyoincident: D:
duffey says hi:
duffey says hi: Example.
duffey says hi: Yeah the CG in the movie was pretty incredible.
thetokyoincident: holy jesus, her nipples
thetokyoincident: dinner plate nipples o_o
thetokyoincident: if anything, I'd watch it again for the CG
thetokyoincident: lol now all the fanboys are going to kill me >> <<
duffey says hi: this is more an official drawing of her
duffey says hi: hehe
thetokyoincident: :D
thetokyoincident: so what was this geodisease thingy
duffey says hi: I'm still not sure as the plot made almost no sense to me but I assume that since the end of FF7 where the lifestream ended the threat of that meteor towards earth that somehow a gigantic disease came around and started infecting everyone.
duffey says hi: However the way I see it, it was done by Kadaj and the gang to start reunion all over again, which was their plan to destroy the world I think
thetokyoincident: a;lsdfk it was nice they provided some background, but still
thetokyoincident: >_<
duffey says hi: Yeah it's really not for people who didn't play the game, I wish they said a little more.

Well said, duffers. Well said. Anyway, it was rather fun to watch, but I was totally lost as to the plot. The CG was AMAZING. I've never seen anything like that before! My advice: if you haven't played the game, be sure to bone up on everything FF7 before watching this. You'll be at a better advantage to understand everything.

Final Review: C

Final Fantasy VII: Last Order (OAV)


Mysterious Skin, 2004, USA

Summary: (from"The summer I was eight years old, five hours disappeared from my life. Five hours, lost, gone without a trace..." These are the words of Brian Lackey (Brady Corbet), a troubled 18 year-old, growing up in the stiflingly small town of Hutchinson, Kansas. Plagued by nightmares, Brian believes that he may have been the victim of an alien abduction. Local Neil McCormick (Joseph Gordon Levitt) however, is the ultimate beautiful outsider. With a loving but promiscuous mother (Elisabeth Shue), Neil is wise beyond his years and curious about his developing sexuality, having found what he perceived to be love from his Little League baseball coach (played by Hal Hartley veteran Bill Sage) at a very early age. Now, ten years later, Neil is a teenage hustler, nonchalant about the dangerous path his life is taking. Neil's pursuit of love leads him to New York City, while Brian's voyage of self discovery leads him to Neil - who helps him to unlock the dark secrets of their past. Based on the acclaimed novel by Scott Heim, "Mysterious Skin" explores the hearts and minds of two very different boys who come to find the key to their future happiness lies in the exorcism of their collective demons.

Review: Oh god, this movie I'd been wanting to see forever. I've been a fan of Gregg Araki flicks since I first saw "The Doom Generation" when I was 14. I haven't yet read the novel upon which the movie was based, and now I think I will read the novel. Still, an incredibly powerful movie. Simply amazing. Gregg Araki's outdone himself with making this film, and the cast was just awesome. It's beyond words, really. If you can see this movie, preferably the unrated theatrical version, please do. It's rough to watch, but you'll be thankful in the end.

Final Review: A+++


Kamichu! 9

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Summary: Yurie runs for student counsel at the advice of Matsuri - only to get bullied by her opponents! Will the power of Kamichu! prevail?

Review: Poor Yurie. She never asked to become a god, and yet her opponents are using that against her to make her look bad. :( Politics are so ugly.

Fantastic Four, USA, 2005

Summary: (from When an experimental space voyage goes awry, four people are changed by cosmic rays. Reed Richards, inventor and leader of the group gains the ability to stretch his body, and takes the name, Mr. Fantastic. His girlfriend, Sue Storm, gains the ability to turn invisible and create force fields, calling herself the Invisible Woman. Her younger brother Johnny Storm gains the ability to control fire, including covering his own body with flame, becoming the Human Torch. Pilot Ben Grimm is turned into a super-strong rock creature calling himself Thing. Together, they use their unique powers to explore the strange aspects of the world, and to foil the evil plans of Doctor Doom.

Review: I finally got my hands on a copy of this (it hits Japanese theatres next week - I'll still go to the roadshow for sure!) and got just what I was expecting. It was a fun movie - nothing too much to think about. I was initally only interested due to Jessica Alba appearing (<3), but it was worth seeing. If you want a movie to give your brain a break and just not think for awhile, Fantastic Four is for you.

Final Review: B

Dokurochan 7-8

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Summary: Dokuro's really fucked up this time - her job was supposed to be killing Sakura-kun to prevent the lolicon future...NOT PROTECTING HIM! Her actions have caught the attention of her younger sister Zakura - whose mission is now to bring her older sister back to the future at all costs!

Review: I have the feeling these two episodes were the final two in the OAV, then again I was wrong before. Imagine how surprised I was to be flipping through channels and seeing this on at 12AM today! Anyway. So ummmm Sakura-kun apparently loves Dokurochan even though she beats the shit out of him regularly. Le sigh. Men are like that, aren't they?