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Densha Otoko 10

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Summary: After being flat-out rejected by Hermes in a fit of sad rage, Yamada spirals down into a deep depression, withdrawing even from his 2ch friends. They set off on a quest to find him, to tell him not to give up hope while Hermes goes off on vacation with her friends. When she returns, she finds a message on her cell phone saying for her to read the BBS...

Review: I could have sworn this was going to be the last episode, but I was wrong. @__@ Anyway, NEXT week is the 90min special. als;dkfj damn. While I fully understand Hermes' shocked state about finding out about the BBS, I think it was incredibly dumb of her (to put it lightly) to just reject everything without really reading it first. Once again, BBS Member Train Conductor Man was A+++ with his "searching for Denshaotoko" poster in Akihabara. I laughed so hard I thought my sides were going to explode.


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