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Densha Otoko 11 (final)

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Summary: Hermes finally reads the BBS, and realizes both her own true feelings for Yamada and his for her. But Kazuya isn't going to let them have such an easy happy ending - plotting to coerce her into marriage and leaving Yamada totally destroyed. But love wins out in the end, forcing Kazuya to realize and validate the weight of their relationship. Also, since he and Hermes are finally together, Yamada "Graduates" from being an Otaku forever.

Review: Wonderful, wonderful ending. And it also stuck straight to the original story, too. Apparently there's going to be a special in two weeks, but that will be a side-story not covered in the movie/drama. The woman who plays Hermes is indeed perfect for the role, and I ended up crying in the end. I'm going to definitely miss being able to watch and anticipate a new Densha Otoko every week. :( Definitely one of the best of the year, if not one of the best stories EVER.


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